5 Brilliant Ideas For Safest Start Ups

Vaibhav Rai

September 15, 2018 04:34 PM

What’s the first question when you finally decide to commence your own business? It’s probably which type of services or business to begin with! In this post, we’ll discuss all such businesses that guarantee success in the present economy so don’t miss the details.

Idea#1: Services for the elderly

A general survey indicated that just in the U.S. more than 80 million baby boomers encompass nearly 30 percent of the entire population, and they aren’t getting any younger! A perception of the worldwide count by 2050 is expected three times the 1.5 billion which may sound scary. Therefore, senior or elder care services are growing along with the population.

Most promising and profitable opportunities in this growing field of senior care include medical advising, nutrition consultancy and domestic/home care services such as catering transportation and commencing household errands. What’s best is boomers are among the wealthiest generations and absolutely happy to invest in themselves; thus improving their lifestyle.

Idea#2: Career counselling & job training

More than eight million lost their jobs during the Great Recession which is both bad news and good! Bad for those who lost their employment whereas a promising opportunity for career counsellors and job trainers because for these individuals, business has never been better! Today’s business industry is highly volatile and constantly shifting as more than half the world is either on the job hunt or looking forward to switching their careers.

If you’re into career counselling, it won’t break the bank to start this particular service and perhaps, you mightn’t even need an office especially with an online platform. To win the trust of the mass public out in the open, there is a dozen of programs to offering professional credentials. For better or worse, finding new clients while retaining current ones has never been easier.

You’ll be surprised to know that career counsellors typically earn around $300 per hour depending on their expertise and reputation. With this wage, you’d definitely want to consider it as a highly lucrative and indeed an opportunity to take a huge leap.

Idea#3: Freight hauling

Much like many different industries, the recession also derailed trucking and this decline in production also slowed consumer spending. But today, the economy has never been swifter which means future for the usual road warriors is high! Trucking; if you think it’s the same as in the 70s, has changed greatly and nothing the same as you probably remember it from the “B.J. and the Bear”. Food supply and home movers are the growing trends but you can find some other great opportunities behind the wheels.

Idea#4: Translation services

Which is the largest English speaking company? It’s China and industry experts predicted that by 2025, more Chinese population would choose English as the first language but that’s far away right! For now, delve in the translation industry to ensure a resolute connection which means translators are at an advantage of finding excellent employment opportunities. Services primarily include hand-written documents including data taken from the internet, legal agencies, real estate and almost every industry nowadays require an excellent interpreter.

Idea#5: Paint wholesale

Come on, we’ve all been to the paint store at least once or twice and you might’ve noticed something about the business; just how convenient it seems. A bunch of workers in uniform assisting customers in choosing the fine shade for their home and office! Many different types of paints are available nowadays and it’s these salesmen and women who can guide you precisely so why not pick the niche and turn your life brighter.


Now these are a few start-ups with least risk and more profit! Choose your speciality and begin today.

Author Bio:

Asghar Paracha is a freelance content writer and a digital marketing expert and he has written this blog post to provide information to starting a business in Dubai.