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5 Checklist for successful Outsourcing Software Development

Vaibhav Rai

September 08, 2018 11:23 PM

Imagine your organization has decided to opt for Outsourcing Software Development. Now the question that can come to your mind is will Outsourcing Software Development affect the software quality? The answer is No; provided that you choose the right Outsourcing Software Development partner. On Choosing the right Outsourcing Software Development partner you need not have to compromise on software guarantee and we assure you for that.

However, you must be wondering how can I decide as to which  Outsourcing Software Development provider is the best for my project? We have made your task simpler by jotting down all the important points to be considered before choosing an Outsourcing Software Development team.

Here is a list for successful Outsourcing Software Development:

  1. Process Transparency: Process Transparency contributes to the success of  Outsourcing Software Development decision.When the process is transparent; all the departments involved in the project are well informed. Process Transparency imparts a sense of trust to both the teams.
  2. Methodology Used: Outsourcing Software Development team can make use of various methodologies for developing software such the Waterfall Methodology, Agile Methodology, Crystal Methods, Lean Development and so on.It is important that you are aware of the methodology which your Outsourcing Software Development team is using.
  3. Technology Knowledge: Gain insights on which technologies and platforms are being used by the Outsourcing Software Development team considered by you. Make sure that they are well versed with the latest technologies and platforms in the market. Choose a team that has expertise in various technologies such as ROR, Azure, Java, Android, Windows, etc.
  4. Focus on DevOps: DevOps aims at closely monitoring all the stages of software development from integration, testing, deployment to release. The function of DevOps is to shorten the development cycle and deliver more reliable software to the market. Choose an Outsourcing Software Development team that pays focus on DevOps.
  5. Software Security: The goal of Outsourcing Software Development company should be to provide secure and reliable software to market. Companies should focus on the security aspects of the software. Security Testing should be conducted at every stage of software development.

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