7 Ways to Shoo Off your working time Sleep

By | February 4, 2017

As we have heard about many sleep related issues where someone faces the problem of inability to sleep at night. But is there anyone who is reading this article having problem sleepiness in the daytime or while doing work? Are you doing something to get rid of this? Do you want to know about sleepiness and tricks to solve this? If yes, then don’t stop reading this article, “Just Scroll down and read ahead”.

Sleepiness and sleeplessness both are two different categories of sleep disorders in which in sleeplessness condition an individual face the difficulty to fall asleep at night and stay awake. On the other hand in sleepiness situation a person is excessively sleep or feel sleepy throughout the day instead of taking 8-10 hours complete sleep at night. Sometimes sleepiness and sleeplessness relates to other which means sleepiness can occurs in such case when somebody is having sleeplessness or  insomnia disorder, where he unable to fall asleep at night and that is why in the daytime he often feel drowsy and lazy.  Today in this article we’re going to know about the ways to solve your sleepiness problem or shoo away your sleep.7 Ways to Shoo Off

It’s very embarrassing and distressing for us when we feel tired and sleepy at the working time. Lack of concentration, inactive while doing work and less attentive with surrounding results of feeling sleepy at the daytime. So, it is highly essential for you to overcome sleepiness if you’re afflicted with this problem. Sleepiness is not only a big issue for working people, but an annoying problem for school kids as well. Some child fall asleep in the class room, can’t prepare for their exams by staying awake at night. Sleep beings an obstacle in their studies. Check that tricks mentioned below in this article:

  1. Drink some coffee or Tea-Coffee or tea contains caffeine which is a stimulant can help you to charge your nerves for a while it never lead you to fall asleep. But drink it as a habit might end up causing you more harm than good.
  2. Move around in your room- When you feel sleepy while studying or working, then you should move for 2-5 minutes in your room or office cabin. This will help you fresh your mind and re-energized your body to do work without feeling sleepy.
  3. Regular Exercise- If you’re facing the sleeping issue while working or studying, then you should try 30 minutes yoga or exercise daily in the morning. Particularly aerobic exercise eliminates your sleeping issues while working, it makes you active throughout day.
  4. Wash your face and eyes with cold water- In the situation when you want to study or want to do important official work but sleep beings an obstacle in it, then go to the washroom or bathroom and wash your eyes and face with cold water.
  5. Eat something- When you find that you’re getting bore from your continuing study or work and feel sleepy, then go to the kitchen and eat something. But keep in your mind that you don’t need to eat heavy food, you can just eat light food items like Almonds, nuts, fruits and one or two cookies.
  6. Take a short break- If study makes you feel sleepy, then you should take a 10 minutes break. It keeps your mind fresh and energies your body to go back to study.
  7. Don’t Eat Heavy Meals- It is also a fact that when you eat heavy meals and excessive food, you immediately starts feeling lazy and drowsy. So, try to avoid excessive eating before going to school or office.

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