8 essential features to look for in a studio apartment

By | June 4, 2018

Finding a suitable studio apartment project in a bustled metropolis can be harrowing. Being smaller as compared to a standard flat, a studio apartment contains fewer appliances and amenities but here’re some features to look for when you’re on the search!

  • Laundry services

Having a dryer and washer in your apartment is no less than a blessing which is the reason you should prefer units with these basic appliances. Even a washer-dryer combo would work better as compared to the community laundry or the usual cleaner service on a regular basis. The latest development projects be it standard or studio apartment have a washing and drying facility.

  • Integrated shelves

En-suite shelves within your studio flat in Sharjah helps keeping essential belongings in an organised way rather than stashing them atop each other. Besides, it’s a good and economical option as compared to purchasing more features or renting a storage unit just to keep the usual clothes, books and dishes. This is another feature you should carefully eye for!

  • Plus-size appliances

Although kitchens and bathrooms in a studio flat often has small or standard-sized appliances, make sure it has a full or plus-size dishwasher, microwave, oven and refrigerator. Do note that not all studio apartment projects have this facility but provide ample space to bring in your own full-size appliances.

  • Closet space

Carefully check available closet space when touring a studio unit. Because of the smaller size, keeping the place neat and organise is extremely important and rather a hectic chore when living solo. Having large or multiple closets would surely come in handy here to keep things organised hence an uncluttered interior.

  • Usable & creative floor plan

Floor plan of a studio apartment should be clear and arranged in such a way that accommodate to the furniture and other necessities creatively. Floor plan or blue-print that requires extensive manoeuvring or an uncomfortable arrangement of belongings isn’t ideal. Make sure the studio apartment features a floor plan that’s flexible and makes sense.

  • Square footage

While smaller by definition, there’s no such thing as ‘too small’ with a studio apartment. In case the square footage of your apartment don’t accommodate to your basic necessities such as furniture or even limit inviting friends, consider looking for something larger and breathable.

  • High ceilings

Higher than the usual ceiling height opens up even smallest apartment unit and make it appear bigger, brighter and spacious. Although not necessarily, it’s good having a studio apartment with tall ceilings that don’t leave you claustrophobic after bringing in a simple chair or closet.

  • Large windows

Much like the higher ceilings, tall windows brightens a studio apartment, make it appear bigger, better as well as offer proper ventilation. On the contrary, an apartment unit with smaller or literally no windows isn’t less than a torture chamber being darker even during midday. Make sure that your studio flat have tall or least lots of windows to regulate air and keep the interior bright and airy.


A contemporary studio flat in Sharjah is sure to have the above features for comfortable living.