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8 Tips to Understand Mathematics Better

Vaibhav Rai

October 06, 2018 04:37 PM

Mathematics is an interesting subject, but the majority of students seem to be afraid of learning it. It sounds Greek to a majority of the students. In this post, I will help you learn math with ease and for better performance.

I assure you that the tips given below are simple and effective to learn mathematics. You can go further with the advanced training having learnt and applied these math learning tips.

1 – Anticipation Technique

To increase the chances of more easily understanding the math topic in your next class, go to your math tutor at the end of each class and ask what subject he/she will address in the next class and make a reading on the subject before being taught in the next class. 

2 – Make Comparisons 

Another way to facilitate the understanding and reasoning is to make comparisons between the new knowledge that you are learning and which you already have. Compare with what you already know to find similar things.  

3 – Summarize the Information 

Summarizing is an important strategy that you can use to facilitate the understanding of what you are trying to understand.  

4 – Learn the Terms

Understanding the terms facilitates the understanding of ideas. This is one of the main reasons for the difficulties of students with mathematics calculation and other matters. You need to learn to read in the language of mathematics to know what is being proposed through the problem. Try to resolve the issues without having learned and memorizing the terms is like trying to talk to someone who speaks Chinese.

5 – Analyze Step-by-Step Process Until You Get to the Answer

In many mathematical problems to solve, you have to draw the conclusion and thereafter analyze the findings, which will lead to new conclusions and that will finally solve the problem. That is, the problem needs to be analyzed in stages.

6 – Ask Questions 

Have you ever noticed the best students are usually those who ask more questions? The more questions you ask about a particular subject, more information is acquired and the greater your understanding of the subject will be. You are not in a classroom with the main purpose to make friends and be seen better or worse way for others. You are there to learn and this needs you to ask questions and eliminate the doubts.

7 – Choose the Best Time to Study Complex Issues

What time of day do you feel better prepared physically and mentally? Upon waking? In the morning? In the afternoon? At night? Find out the time of your greater willingness to learn and use it to study the more complex issues which make a major challenge for you. This will facilitate the thinking and understanding of these issues.

8 – If You Relate to Your Math Tutor!

The relationship of the student with math tutor influences on the quality of learning and understanding of the subject studied. If you relate well with your math tutor, you will have more pleasure in attending the classes and the tutor, in turn, will have more pleasure in teaching and answering to your questions.

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