The advantages of an LED TV

By | November 5, 2016

Despite their name, LED televisions use the same LCD (liquid crystal display) technology as used in LCD televisions. The only difference is that LED televisions use LEDs or light-emitting diodes to light the backward side of the image on the LCD screen. The previous LCD televisions used a compact fluorescent bulb for the same purpose. There are several noticeable advantages that you can get benefit of from your favourite electronics gadget while doing away with the old LCD television:

  1. Small and compact in Size:

LEDs are much smaller than fluorescent lamps, hence LED TVs are lighter and thinner and more compact than LCD TVs. Additionally,certain LED TVs, which are edge lit, put their LEDs along the edges of the television rather than the back, hence making it possible to construct even thinner televisions.

  1. Power Savings:

LED-backlit or edge lit TVs have considerable higher power efficiency than traditional LCD TVs. Although LCDs are not particularly inefficient, the small LED cells enjoy the property of producing more light per wattage of power consumed. The power savings of LED TVs reach upto 40% more than that of traditional LCD TV power savings.

  1. Local Dimming:

Local dimming is a technique used by LED TVs to increase the contrast of images on television. LEDs behind dark regions of images are either dimmed or switched off; this is known to increase the contrast of images on the TV screen.

Local dimming is usually done by using multiple independent small LEDs to backlight the television. This allows LEDs to illuminate the darker portions of the image by dimming itself independently. Some pricier LED televisions use individual colored LEDs to light their displays according to their color, so as to improve color reproduction of images.

  1. More Accurate Color:

LED-backlit televisions offer rich and well-defined colors than traditional LCD televisions. This is achieved by slightly modifying the color of the white light emitted by most LEDs. This modification compensates for the LCD’s shortcomings in the same area.

  1. Environment-friendly:

This can be attributed to its power saving capability as well as to the fact that it doesn’t use mercury for lighting the display panel as was the practice in traditional LCD televisions.

  1. Longer Life Span:

Due to the longevity of LEDs being used, the lifespan of LED televisions is much more when compared to that of the LCD televisions. Hence it is much more reliable as a long term investment than an LCD or a plasma TV.

LED TVs are amongst the most in-demand gadgets in the online market today. Except for their high range pricing,due to the highly advanced technology being used, a LED TV is considered to be every family’s best friend. If you are searching for a LED TVs online, do make sure to research and chalk out your requirements before making the final decision as to which model you would like to adorn in your living room.