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AI Technologies Going To Pace Up The Market In 2019

Vaibhav Rai

November 28, 2018 11:44 AM

Through our blogs, we are continuously making you aware of the upcoming technologies on Artificial Intelligence. And even today we are here with a blog that will let you know about AI technologies that are going to impact the market in the year 2019. This blog will help you being part of the group of companies which are enhancing their businesses next year.

AI Technologies To Look Upon In 2019 Are :
Artificial Virtual Agents
A virtual agent is nothing but a system-based program or agent competent of communicating with human beings. One of the most commonly used examples of this particular technology is chatbots. Virtual agents are used as smart managers in the customer service industry.

AI - Enabled Hardware
AI technology builds friendly hardware. Although fresh graphics, CPUs, and devices used for processing are particularly developed and designed to accomplish AI-based tasks. If you have not come across this technology yet, get ready for the approaching impression and broader acceptance of AI-enabled silicon chips that can be implanted into your portable devices.

Artificial Speech Recognition
Google Assistant, Siri are few of the systems that assist you anywhere and anytime. Daily, many systems are developed that can transliterate human language, and extend its reach to lakhs of people through mobile applications and voice-responsive systems.

Natural language Generation
Natural language generation is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence that transforms information into text, letting computers convey ideas and thoughts with exact precision. This technology can also be used in the customer service industry to produce reports and statistics based on markets.

Machine Learning Platforms
Nowadays, we can make computers learn very easily, and also they can be developed to act immensely intelligent. Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. The prime objective of this field is to create techniques that make computers learn and understand things. By applying some algorithms, APIs, development and training tools, big data apps and other machines, ML platforms get more traction daily. 

They are basically used for predictions and analysis purposes.

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Decision Making
Highly intelligent devices are adept of inducting rules and logic to AI-based systems so that you can use them for the preliminary setup and training, maintenance, and others. It has already been included in a kind of industrial apps to support and conduct automated decision, taking your business up to the most profitable level as possible.