Better Navigation makes Perfect Websites

By | October 24, 2017

Website navigation is like the salt in a savory and the sugar in a dessert. To make sure visitors can reach where you want them to go is immensely important when you are designing a website. If the navigation is easy and clear, visitors will stay and have a good experience, which ultimately leads to more business for you.

Unfortunately, the space available for links at the top of any website is limited. Many sites place, what they can’t fit on the top, under a “more” menu. This menu often expands when you scroll over it. This will work temporarily but keeping several pages under “more” indicates they are not as important as other links on your site.

That’s why the best thing is to display around three to eight major areas of your site – Contact, Store, About Us, Events, Blog and anything else that represents the predominant theme of your business.

​But what about other pages, you may ask?

Drop-Down Menus

The universal navigation can incorporate drop-down menus. When a visitor scrolls over a menu item, the drop-downs come into action.

Drop-down menus are easy to create but don’t keep less than 3 and more than 6-7 pages in a drop-down menu – any less and there is no point of having a drop down; any more and you may overwhelm the visitor.

Table of Contents

Putting too many page links in the navigation bar can overwhelm visitors with too much choice.

Some websites use a separate table of contents for a section of their site. For instance, if you are a non-profit organization you could have the links (with or without images) to ‘Donate’, ‘Volunteer’, ‘Work for Us’ and more on the ‘Support Us’ page.

Contextual Links

Apart from drop down menus and tables of contents to guide visitors, you can use contextual links to show visitors where to go. You could add a button (maybe a call-to-action, for example, ‘Sign Up’) in the header section of a page, under the menu.

Your website is fine with an automatically generated navigation bar, but if you want your site to be unique and make it stand tall above the rest, ensure that the navigation is easy for the visitors. This will draw a greater number of potential customers to places where they can spend money on your site or take other desired action.

Remember there is no one-size-fits-all solution to great navigation. Consider your business, goals and audience to create the perfect and consistent website navigation.

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