How can Triphala, the nectar of life, help you lose ugly flab?

By | November 12, 2016

Triphala-for-weight-lossFor centuries, Ayurvedic medicines have used Triphala to prepare weight loss supplements. Having immunity boosting properties, triphala can balance the basic elements of human body, namely, the metabolism, the nervous system and structural element. It is composed of three different fruits, namely, Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki. Triphala is known as the ‘nectar of life’ for it can cleanse the system, tone and even detoxify the human digestive system which directly aids in weight loss. All throughout India, the supplement is used for safe and effective weight loss. The herb has no side effect and is 100% safe and natural.

Why choose Triphala for weight loss?

Modern researches have already confirmed the efficacy of Triphala for weight loss:

  • Triphala is the fabulous colon toner implying that it can tone or strengthen your tissues in the colon. To rid the waste material from the body, it is crucial to have healthy colon in the body. The herb assists in realizing when to stop eating so that healthy weight is maintained.
  • Triphala creates an environment in the body where it is able to excrete or eliminate toxins and waste materials from the body freely. In fact, there is no universal way suggesting the way of using triphala. If you buy any triphala product or medicine, the dosage will vary from person to person.
  • It will detox the body and thereby help in healthy weight loss. All the waste products that have been stored will be eliminated. It can effectively cleanse metabolic waste from the various tissues of important organs. The best part is that it has non-additive laxative property.
  • Acting as laxative, triphala can check constipation and also relieve inflammation relating to the digestive system.
  • Lowering of cholesterol is the health goal of too many individuals. The herb can reduce cholesterol and keep a check over it. This is highly beneficial for the ones carrying extra amount of weight.
  • For weight loss, you can rely on the ‘nectar of life’, triphala. It cleanses your metabolic waste and also acts as non-addictive laxative. Weight loss is inevitable once the toxic compounds are flushed out along with excess water. This is the reason why people on triphala products feel more energized and rejuvenated. You will experience a burst of energy within 5-7 days of the intake of herbal product. The energy gained from the herb may be used for exercising and burning more calories. Thus, additional weight loss is confirmed.

How to buy Triphala supplement?

The very term ‘triphala’ implies ‘three fruits’. The three components form the fruit. You can buy the product from online stores. Look for 100% certified and organic products online. The greatest herbal formulation can be mixed with Guggulu for additional benefits. Apart from assisting in weight loss, the herb combats cancer, lowers the cholesterol, boosts immunity and aids in digestion and allows better absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

Triphala can be procured in capsule form, tablet form and powder form from the online stores. It is an altogether different way of losing weight where you are not restricted to eating less and exercising endlessly.