Is a Damaged Tooth Troubling You? Dental Crowns Provide a Better Solution

By | February 28, 2017

A smile is an inexpensive method to enhance the looks of any individuals and dental care is must to have a bright smile. Oral diseases can reduce the confidence of the person and decrease the self-esteem. But in today’s scientific improvement, every problem has a solution and undoubtedly dental disorders can also be treated to have a healthy life.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth- shaped cover or cap used to cover the weak tooth that helps the person to retain the shape, size and strength of the tooth and it also improves the appearance. CEREC Crowns are the dental crowns that formed by using ceramic materials, which are widely recommended by the dentists. The crowns made up of ceramic or porcelain can give a look matched to the natural teeth.

Types of crowns

There are various kinds of Crowns available that are classified based on the material used in making crowns.

  • Metals

Metal crowns are made up of base metal alloy, gold alloy and other alloys like palladium and it is highly recommended for out of sight molars. It can tolerate chewing and biting forces whereas it lasts for long period and also breaks very rarely.

  • All porcelain or All ceramic

These types of crowns are preferable for the people having metal allergies and it also provides natural color than the other types of crowns. It is the best choice for front teeth.

  •  Stainless steel

The stainless steel crowns are premade crowns mainly used for the temporary measure and it is cost effective. This crown is placed over the permanent tooth and prevents it from any damage.

  • Porcelain fused to metal

This kind of dental crown gives a color that suited to the color of the adjacent teeth. It may be used for long bridges and front or back teeth in which the metal can provide strength.

Dental procedures

The creation and placing of crowns involved two main methods, they are traditional and chair side crown.

  • Chair side crown

Chair side crown provides the dental crown in a single day and this method is also known as Same Day Crowns. This method can save more time and decreases the further damage.

  • Traditional crown

Generally, this method needs manual impressions and the patient has to visit the dentist for many times. It is also termed as lab made crown.