DIY nail art tips with traditional nail polish

By | November 19, 2017

Nails are the personification of beauty for a woman, when they are painted with hues it becomes a style statement. In the changing trends, a nail with a nail art what makes everything different and there are millions of women out there that would like to adorn these on their manicured nails. There are moments when women tend to try the nail art and end up with messy nails. Let that not be the case anymore, go ahead and check out these wonderful and exceptional nail art tips and techniques which will give you the best nail one could have ever imagined of and here is the list of tips.

French Nails

A manicure is a cosmetic treatment that basically involves filing, shaping, massaging and polishing. A pale pink base and bright white tips have come so popular French manicure. It resembles natural nails which can also be artificially by adding the plastic tip and covering it with acrylic powder or gel. A sophisticated look adorns the nail with its unique French manicure. Modernize the classical and traditional manicure by patching to a white cat eye. French tip is an important part in which many ways of arts can be performed just with the normal nail paint – The classic, black rainbow, French line, black and white graphics, monochrome split, marble tips, French fish net, understated stripes, floral decals,  oil spill tips, checkboard, mint fade, French fade and many more gives an elegant look to the nails.

Polka Dot Nails

Nail art has become a pursuit of happiness for the girls to decorate their nails as a trending style. Polka dot nails are really getting trendy these days and it’s very easy to create. An embracing look is given to the fingers when it is decorated with such a pretty polka dots. Several polka designs are entrancing for the eyes – includes black and white accent nails, colorful polka dots on nude nails, mint polka dots, dotted heart nail design, flower nail polka dots, multicolor tip polka dots, rainbow polka design, neon polka dots, neon French polka dots, hot pink with glitter accent, lace polka art, polka stripe, gradient art, and the list follows.  The polka dots are intricate designs embellishing the nails with an amazing style to be adorned.

Glitter Nails

Glitter, otherwise called as chamki bar nails is a happy space for almost everyone; as the very sight of it brightens the eye with charm. When the glitter nail art is done it sparkles the fingers and nails with joy and beauty; thus gives a traditional look. Distinct arts can be made out of glitter with unique & amazing designs – includes nude glitter coat, half-moon glitter, glitter sandwich, glittery nail gel, glassy glitter, golden striped nails will add an extra beauty to the nails. Glitter nail polish is also available in multiple colors that can be used for arts apart from the other tools for glittery nails.

Matte Nails

Matte nails are going more fashionable in today’s generation as it holds a graceful look on the nails and adds more beauty to the nails. This is preferable as the latest trend doesn’t chip anywhere even after carrying lot of work. A major trend that is been existing for long and the most famous versions of matte shades are gargantuan green grape, Alpine snow, Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy, La Paz-Itively Hot, and You Don’t Know Jacques. The different shades include the subtle stripe, monochromatic polka matte, chevron stripes, starry skies; solid black gives a stylish look to the nails.

Splatter paint nails

Art is nothing but the creativity that is needed to be furnished. Manicures help in the making up of the nails in the desired way. Having fun with nails has turned into a nail art that is how the splatter nails existed and now moving in a peak among the nail art. When a perfect color is given for the nail it turns into a good mood with contrasting colors. Nude nails go with any outfit provided with perfect coloring and nail paint. A splatter of metallic and hard candy gives a unique look.

3D nail

A revolutionary change in the nail art is extremely made by 3D nail art as it gives a real effect with various themes. A comprehensive style of nails like a ruffian, scrape polish, Halloween, spider web, crack art, with many of the thematic designs like climatic, festival other occasions. 3D design is an effective and preferred nail art due to its uniqueness.

Equipment of nail art

A traditional way of painting the nail gives a classic look to the fingers. Certain tools are used for the nail arts that tools differ from designs. Innovation has brought an effective tool like readymade nails, nail sticker, and many more. The various techniques and applications implemented to art the nails and make it look apart from others by various designs. Tools such as sable nail brush, acrylic powder kit, nail polish remover, stripping tape, nail polish correcting pen, cuticle – exfoliater, pusher, oil, nippers; nail glue, file kit, salon smock etc needed to beautify the nails for best results. All these apparels are prominently used by the professionals whereas many of the other dedicators of nail artist to make use of these tools. They are used for the perfection of work without any flaw in the art which works in a righteous way.

Go trendy with splashing nail art

Nail art is a fantastic art adorned by every woman and adds an extra beauty to their overall personality. The world is moving with advanced scientific technologies and digitization it’s becoming more modern and trendy. As per the trend, fashion is essential to be in an updated world hold a unique place for oneself. Coloring the nails with different colors and designing it gives an astonishing experience as one can admire the nails of their own. Precisely, nail polish is the best accessory to complete the outfit.