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Don’t miss a touchdown – Catch NCAA live this December

Vaibhav Rai

November 30, 2018 11:53 AM

All the action in college football for this season might be ending soon, but that does nothing to take away from all the fun we are looking at having left.

While the guys over at Alabama will fancy keeping their winning streak and even extending it, other teams will be looking to cut their losses too. In the final race for the ultimate prize, these are the weeks when the teams give all of their best.

Of course, this is no time to miss any of these games. However, we know certain issues come up from time to time to ruin the viewing experience. In this piece, we are not just going to talk about the problems. How about a solution you can keep for as long as you’d like enjoying the games?


Common viewing problems

Many have kept their cable TV subscriptions active just so they can stay in tune with college football games. Of course, this doesn’t come any cheap, giving rise to many others cutting their connections. That means no games for them and a very high cost of running the games for those who still have cable access.

Even with cable, though, that does not stop the user from experiencing game blackouts from time to time. This is especially popular when the games are being played in the viewer's state and cable TV providers are planning to force people into buying tickets.

On the back of that, there is the discomfort for US residents who would be traveling abroad but won’t get access, all because of geoblocks around the games. These geoblocks will also be present for other non-US residents who want nothing more than to have a feel of the games.


Getting out of the problems

You might have given up on getting to view college football at all, but that should not be so. In fact, you can stream all NCAA college football games with the aid of a VPN.

The reason why these pieces of software work so well is not far-fetched. It is a common feature of VPNs to come with numerous servers hosted in different locations of different countries.

That aids them in helping you browse and stream content on the internet from your physical location while broadcasting traffic like you was from other locations. This will work best for those who find themselves outside of the US as of the time of the games.

After all, they could just connect to a server located in the States and browse like they were there too.

For cable TV subscribers and non-subscribers, escaping blackouts would be as easy as connecting to a different location to where the games have been blacked out before attempting to stream the games. Furthermore, you can ditch cable and start streaming with various supported platforms available today.

To prepare for the next set of football nights, here’s how to stream NCAA college football games live:

  • Get a VPN. If you don’t have one already, buy a subscription plan from a good VPN provider

  • Connect to a server location in the US to allow you access to these games

  • Visit a suitable streaming platform (PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and SlingTV are all great options) and sign up for a plan that allows you access to all the college football games

  • Start enjoying the action live whenever it’s happening.


Wrap Up

One would expect the workaround to be more complicated than that. This is as easy as it gets – and the workaround has the added advantage of working for long. What’s there not to try?