Don’t Wait, Celebrate with a Break from the Grocery Store

By | June 28, 2017

Take a break and celebrate freedom from the holiday shopping frenzy this year. Just in time for the July 4thholiday, Groupon has offers you can take advantage of from Hello Fresh.  You can skip the line at the grocery store and head straight to your front door for your Hello Fresh delivery when you subscribe.  You’ll see why thousands of customers love the variety and ease of using their meal subscription service.  And now, you can add Hello Fresh Wine Service and buy cooking utensils from their site.  There’s another benefit to boxed meal delivery; You’ll spend less time shopping and you’ll do less shopping while hungry.  How many times have you made your way to the checkout aisle with salty, crunchy or chocolatey treats in your cart you had no intention of buying?  That’s less likely to happen when you subscribe to Hello Fresh. They offer the highest quality produce from local suppliers, which meansyou can enjoy the farm-to-fork experience right in your own home.  You might find the same baby carrots you buy on Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market in your Hello Fresh meal.   And they offer great deals like 40 dollars off and free delivery when you order two boxes through Groupon.

My Nana would have clutched her pearls at the thought of making a meal from a box of food someone else had picked out.  Of course, a good meal to her might have included veggies and herbs fresh from her garden, but she had time to stir a pot for hours because she stayed home all day.  And her meals would have been starchy and over-cooked.  Delicious, but not the healthiest.  Using Hello Fresh taps into the kinds of meals you need for your lifestyle and weight goals.  You pick, they deliver and you stay on track.

Your box is guaranteed to containthe best vegetables and herbs, in the precise amounts you need to prepare their easy to follow recipes.You tailor your subscription to your needs, picking the box size, delivery time and menu you’d like.  The portions are generous, the recipes are easy and the meals are delicious and easy to prepare.   Do something different this year. Gather a few friends over and give Hello Fresh a try.