Enjoy these Fun and Exciting Activities for Adults!

By | June 9, 2017

As we age, we also mature. To some, maturity comes at an early stage. Still, despite the change in mindset and priorities, fun activities we enjoy way back when we were younger do not necessarily go away.

In fact, there are times when we find ourselves craving for the fun that has once been associated with our childhood. If you’re thinking of inviting your gang to join you in those activities, then it would help if you have an initial list of the things you will do. Below are few of the most popular ones you will surely enjoy with your friends!

Here are the Fun and Exciting Activities for Adults:


This game is probably that one that never gets old. It’s something that can literally be played by anyone across different ages. The mechanics are rather simple. One shows someone else a word which he or she then acts out. The one holding the cardboard for the word attempts to guess without looking at the word he’s holding.

Its buildup of excitement comes with the fact that each round is limited. The players must exercise mental and physical skills to get everything figured out.

Relay game

This is a team activity that requires both strategy and speed. Participating teams use items they have to create the longest line. They could put down their coat, accessories, shoes and more.

Of course, the game is limited. The team who creates the longest line wins.

Rock climbing

Nowadays, there are already indoor rock climbing activities that are offered by different entities like malls and parks. However, if you are looking for something more challenging and nature-inspired, then climbing an actual cliff is the go-to option.

Naturally, the latter would require more preparation and quality harness or protection gears to keep you safe. Cliffs are usually higher compared to the artificial one’s setup indoors. To make sure you last long, it’s better to build up your stamina beforehand.


Who says students can only enjoy camping? Even working adults can! It’s even an excellent activity for team building among companies. Simply choose the campsite you wish to visit and set up your tent.

From there, you can enjoy bonfires, exploring the wild, building artificial tree or wooden houses and more. It’s also a good exercise to awaken your basic instinct to survive in the mountainous area away from the comforts of the city life.

For the maximum challenge, set aside your digital devices and focus on enjoying nature’s natural beauty.


This could perhaps be the most generic and favorite activity by adults who wish to enjoy nature while on the go.

There is no need to set up any camps or stay in one place for long. You can hike mountains or elevated lands while at the same time getting the exercise your body needs. Just make sure to first check the condition of the area where you plan on hiking.


Last but not the least is the all-time favorite activity by most families – picnic. If you’re heading out in groups and want to enjoy some good food and nice talks, then this might be the right choice.

It doesn’t require so much physical activity and can be done in any areas with huge, vacant lots. Favorite picks are parks, home lawns, and beaches. Since you will do this in a huge space, everyone can also utilize the available space to enjoy different games or activities.

While the majority of our time as adults are spent on different priorities like career development and savings, this does not mean that we should forgo the chance of being able to enjoy the casual outing with friends and family members.

For city residents, outdoor activities may be some of your best options for enjoying quality time with other adults.

Whether you’re planning to have them for recreation for team building purposes, having a plan is important. Brainstorm with your friends and make a list of those games they want to participate in. Choose a location, create a budget plan and make reservations for space or transport as needed.

Make the best out of your time out by planning in advance!

Author Bio: This article is written by Dominique Santos, a blogger and an interior designer. He blogs for Amaia Land, a developer of estates and condos in Manila, Philippines.