How to Get Best Quotes for ATV Shipping

Vaibhav Rai

September 15, 2018 05:35 PM

ATV is an all-terrain vehicle which is also known as a quad, three-wheeler or quad bike or a quadricycle. ATV is one such vehicle which travels on quite low-pressure tires with a seat which is straddled by operator and handlebars for the steering control.

There are some factors which are considered by the transporters while offering the atv shipping quote.

Preparing an ATV vehicle for Transport:

  • One needs to turn off the fuel valve and run the engine of the vehicle until the time it stops in order to empty the fuel line
  • If the location or distance for transporting is long, one needs to drain the fuel tank completely
  • One should leave the fuel valve as well as the tank vent cap turned off in order to prevent the vapors of gas from leaking

Securing your ATV vehicle for shipping:

-The parking brake should be set on the ATV vehicle

-One should use tie-down straps rather than ropes. The straps can stretch during the transit

-One should use four straps if possible on both the front and back sides. Less than three straps should never be used in any case

-One should tighten the straps to maximum possible level. To check the firmness, shake the ATV and tighten further if required.

-If there is any excess strap length dragging, one should remove it or tie on the top. It can cause inconvenience to the trailer movement.

-  When covering a long-distance journey, one needs to check the towing vehicle or trailer frequently.

When planning about thetransit of ATV a lot of factors come into thepicture. Insurance, tracking ability and references are some of the points which one needs to consider while choosing an ATV transporter. Try to accumulate as much information as possible about the transporter services so that you can choose the best service provider. Atv shipping rates will depend on the service provided by thetransporter.

Safety of the ATV vehicle is most important. Hence the owner should ask for the safest option. One should ask about shipping options such as open or enclosed ATV trailer. You need to prepare the ATV vehicle before shipment. Keeping everything ready before the transporter arrives makes for the smoother shipment process.

The ATV shipping quotes can be availed from the transporter on the basis of distance, size, and services offered. One can get quotes from various companies and decide accordingly.

The shipping procedures are quite simple, and thevehicleis appropriately protected.