Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which is the best Smartphone on the market?

By | November 5, 2016

For decades, Google has been known for its online services and software. But now the search giant decided to enter into the “hardware” the world by submitting your own smartphone. Even despite the fact that Google Pixel smartphone was manufactured HTC, you will not find any trace of the Taiwanese manufacturer on the mobile device.

There is no doubt that Google released the Apple iPhone 7 direct competitor, especially when you consider the same price category as well for both all over the world. Today we compare Google Pixel, and Apple iPhone 7, and then find out which of the smart phone is more attractive for the average user.

Both phones consider as the same price category; here is a list of country wise prices of both Google Pixel and iPhone 7.

Google Pixel Prices List

Google Pixel Price in Dubai (AED 3716) – 32GB 4G LTE
Google Pixel Price in UK (£599) – 32GB 4G LTE
Google Pixel Price in Australia ($1,079) – 32GB 4G LTE

Apple iPhone 7 Prices List

iPhone 7 Price in Dubai (AED 2599)
iPhone 7 Price in USA ($649)
iPhone 7 Price in Australia ($1079)

Google Pixel against the Apple iPhone 7: Design & Build Quality

In this category, both the smartphone will not disappoint you in term of design status. Mobile devices use a similar design and premium metal body. Of course, the design of the iPhone 7 is hardly unique, since it has been used for the last three generations of smart phones from Apple; however, it is still very stylish.

If you are looking for a truly original design, while Google Pixel able to interest you. Pixels phones are certainly one of the most elegant looking devices ever created by Google. As for the differences, you will find the actual Home button on the iPhone 7 and Gorilla Glass 4 whereas Google Pixel locate home button on rear panel. Note that the iPhone 7 more slim and compact than the Pixel, but Google’s smartphone is equipped with 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Google Pixel against the Apple iPhone 7: Display

Let’s start with the size of the display. In this case, it all comes down to a question of taste and color, as Google Pixel offers a 5-inch screen, while the iPhone 7 has a 4.7-inch display. The main difference is the screen resolution of the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel phones. Google Pixel display has a resolution of Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels). Ironically, iPhone 7 comes with a lower resolution screen – 750 x 1334 pixels.

In terms of image quality, both screens are good, but thanks to AMOLED screen, Google Pixel smartphone stands out more vivid colors. The main advantage of iPhone 7 is 3D Touch technology, which offers new features and additional support.

Google Pixel against the Apple iPhone 7: User Interface

The software interface is a sensitive topic, especially when we are talking about two of the most famous Smartphones OS: Android and iOS. Google Pixel runs on the latest version of Android 7.1 Nougat with the latest features, such as Google Assistant – Android artificial intelligence functionalities. Apple iPhone 7, in turn, runs on the latest version of the iOS mobile operating system 10.

As you can see, both of the Smartphones offering the latest version, Google guarantees two years of operating system updates and security updates for three years.