Google’s Innovation: Boost Your Google Glass’ Performance With These 5 Apps

By | April 24, 2018

There are almost limitless possibilities for Google Glass, and with a various selection of applications available from some of the best developers, there are a lot of things to expect.

Currently, the Glass’ display allows you to view emails, scan the web, and get notified easier and quicker than before, and there is no area in the world of application Google hasn’t touched with its Glass-integration technology.

Now, there are many great apps for your Google Glass to choose from, and here are some of the apps that can get into the limitations of what the Google Glass can do.

The Preview

Using Google Glass’ smart recognition feature, all you have to do with this application is look at any poster of a movie, and just in a few seconds, you can watch its trailer. The performance of this application relies on the developers who are working their magic movie and update the database of Preview, but this is an intelligent and a must-have app for movie fans.

Race Yourself

If you’re a die-hard fan of fitness or probably just a beginner who needs a little support, Google Glass will help you enhance your workouts. Say goodbye from timing yourself on your phone, or make the counts by yourself during the workout, this app will do them all.

From guiding you during exercises, monitoring your moves, to running or racing in a marathon, or even running away from the imaginary zombies and runners of the Race Yourself Glass application, it’s there to support you and will make you motivated and get fit in various ways.


KitchMe is a cooking application that will let you send the recipes and everything you need to know into your Google Glass. You only have to scan on the KitchMe website. If you want to make an item, simply choose the Glass button. It will then send the information you will need as well as the finished dish, and you can also get into the ingredients.

Moreover, you only have to slide forward to understand the steps, so no more back and neck pains from bending over a computer while preparing a healthy meal.


The famous news-video site is now merging with the Glass, bringing you more personalized daily news in an audio-visual format. Delivered by the local, national, and international publications and also some news sources online, you will get a comprehensive news collection just about the time it takes to flip through your local television.

The Field Trip

Get enough from your city break or day trip with Field Trip app, which provides you historical information, recommendations, and various general facts about the places you are visiting. Sourced from your local blogs and news sources, it’s mainly a personal tour guide for anyone.


The Glass is an innovation of wearable technology that lets users translate words, take pictures, ask whatever they want, record what they see, and many more, using the voice commands and some gestures.

If you want to make your Glass do its full performance, you can try to download those apps above. Further, try to check out Deal Wiki and other tech sites online to gather latest news and info regarding technology.