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Hiring Moving Companies: Things You Should Know

Vaibhav Rai

November 15, 2018 05:04 PM

Whether you admit it or not, moving is not everyone's cup of tea. While having a new place to live and a new scenery can be exciting, moving from one place to another can be very expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. But there are ways on how to cut the moving cost and alleviate some of the pain associated with the moving process.


Always avoid the crowd : 


The busiest days for movers are the start and the end of the month. Most people don't know this, or they don't care anymore because they are too busy with other things. The best way to avoid the crowd is to plan the day of your move, as much as possible, in the middle of the month. You can check moving companies like My Long Distance Movers or visit this site for the best time to do a long distance move.


Asking your mover to schedule your move for the last week of the month is a disaster waiting to happen. Most movers if not all, have a full schedule at the beginning and the end of the month. If you insist on having your move on, the last week of the month, it means you are willing to get their least trained, exhausted crews, showing up 2 to 3 hours later because they came from a move before yours.


You also need to know that summertime is the busiest time of the year for moving. So, if you are planning to make a short move, you have to plan your move in the spring or fall if you can. It is considered a "slow season" for the moving industry. If you want to move in the summer, you need to know when are the major holidays and avoid them.


Holidays like Fourth of July or Labor Day are the most common holidays where most mover's schedule is full-packed. Also, this is only the time where people have days off, so, everyone will try to plan their move around this time of the year. To know more about the busiest holidays for movers, visit











Schedule your move date that is best for the moving company : 


It may seem stupid because after all, you are the one paying them, right? Right, but you are also paying for the services of doctors, but they are the one setting up the appointment, depending on their availability. You want to see the doctor when he's available, so you’re not left.


You also want to meet the doctor when he is free because you want to get the doctor's full and undivided attention. Same with hiring a moving company. You don't want to wait for hours and left waiting. You want the moving company's best crews to handle your move.


For example, if the movers say, "they can do Monday at 1:00 PM, but it is better if the move will be scheduled Tuesday at 1:00 PM," It is better to schedule your move on Tuesday to get the best service the movers can offer. You can click here to know more about the best time for move.


Request for the earliest available start time of the day


It is true, especially during summer. When moving companies have two, three or even five scheduled moves in one day, expect the crew will be exhausted at the end of the day. If you are scheduled as their fifth client, even the best team in the world will get tired, will work slower, and can cause damage to your things. You need to request for the earliest available time of the day.













Look for common moving scams : 


Beware of moving scams. One of the most common (and probably the easiest fraud to perform) is the "Hostage" fraud. Sometimes, a moving company (or usually just a group of strong looking guys posing as a moving company) will offer ridiculously cheap moving services, way below regular prices. They will show on the move day, unload your things in their truck, and show at the drop-off point with a locked vehicle. To know more about moving scams, visit


They will then demand a higher fee, usually up to a few thousand dollars. If the customer or the victim does not pay, the fake movers will drive off with the victim's possession. If the customer pays, they will end up paying more than the agreed price, or more than the supposed amount of moving services from other companies. Avoiding this kind of scam can be avoided.


You have to avoid using the mover's truck and instead consider a hybrid move by renting trailer trucks or moving trucks from respectable companies. If you have a rented vehicle, you can now hire people to move your belongings. Once the truck is in the new location, you can employ a different crew to do the unloading. By using third-party transport company, or driving the truck on your own, you will have the full control over your belongings the entire time, or until you finished unpacking your stuff.











Request full-value insurance to the moving company you are planning to hire : 


It is a bit difficult because insurance in the moving business is a tricky thing. The most common form of insurance that is used by most moving companies is a Standard Repair Coverage Insurance. This kind of insurance will only cover $0.60 per pound for item replacement or repair. For example, if the movers will drop your 40 pounds, $1,000 Plasma Television.


If you compute the standard rate using the Standard Repair Coverage Insurance, the movers are only required to pay $24 for your $1,000 television. That will not cover your broken TV let alone your broken dreams. Most respectable and reputable moving companies will offer a better form of insurance called "Full-Value Replacement Coverage" which will cover the full amount of every item that is listed in your inventory. To know more about Full-Value Replacement Coverage, click here.


This insurance coverage is available as a paid upgrade. It is a lot cheaper compared to other types of insurance services. Full-value replacement coverage can be purchased for $9 per thousand dollars of coverage requested. Moving is not that easy, even moving companies are telling their clients to plan at least one month before moving. But if you follow these tips, you can see a more fluid and clockwork move. Not only that, you will easily get your money's worth on all the cost of your move.