The History of The Tactical Knife

By | June 25, 2017

The History of The Tactical KnifeA tactical knife refers to the knife that is used in dangerous situations. Although there is a fundamental difference between the relations of “tactical knife and “fighting knife” people usually use them as synonymous terms.

Folding knives are scarcely found despite they are initially prepared for bringing into play as the combat knife or fighting knife). However, many of militia institutions recognized folding knives, which were not made for using as arms despite having tactical ability to be implemented to both military persons and civilians. For example, German Mercator “Black Cat” folding the British Ibberson World War II gravity knife, the German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger -Messer and the U.S. World War II M2 usually push button utility knife, as well as arranged for utilize by flight crews and parachute troops.

To be used as regular purpose service knives many civilian folding knives have been confidentially purchased not only by civilians but also by many military personnel as well. In the middle of these is Buck Knives’ Model Number 110 Folding Hunting Knife which can be mentioned as a lock back folding knife. Initially being prepared as the best hunting knife), the model 110 was seen to be used as a valuable tool in different tasks including cutting rope, strapping, harnesses and lots of other work by both military and marine staffs. Custom knife producing companies started to produce similar typed knives for the private purchase of civilians and military staffs. In 1979, Al Mar Knives, the first-period production brand to make a quality tactical knife was made a design for the army with the input from Special Forces Colonel James N. Rowe.

The sales of the tactical folding knife had increased rapidly by the 1990s as weel as the latest designs were getting publicized in the knife shows and large gun as a regular interval. Some names of custom knife makers can be added here Ken Onion, Warren Osbourne, Mel Pardue, Bob Terzuola, Warren Thomas, Rick Hinderer, Chris Reeve, Ernest Emerson, Medford knife and tool and Michael Walker. These are the people, who can be recognized as the break new ground of custom knife production sector.

All these knives or blades were most commonly made as liner locks, Williams & although McHenry introduced the first tactical Axis lock, which is conducted by great Benchmade Knife Company, under the US State Government license.  The folding knife blade lengths variation ranged from 3-inch to almost 12-inch. However, the most distinctive models never go beyond 4-inch in knife blade length because of legal reasons in most US low of Jurisdictions. Overall the knife manufacturer Bob Terzuola is treated as the first coining of the turn of phrase “Tactical Folder.”

As the demand is increased for these types of knives with the flow of time, production companies also offered huge produced tactical folder knife. Companies including Buck Knives, Benchmade, Al Mar Knives, Gerber Legendary Blades, Kershaw Knives and Spyderco started a joint business with tactical knife producers; in some events considering all of them as full-time tactical folding knife designers. At that time it was not an easy work. Some of the best tactical knife producers like Chris Reeve and Ernest Emerson went away for opening their huge production factories, in association with Chris Reeve Knives and Emerson Knives, Inc.

While comparing, critics of the best tactical folding blade include that the knife design is not proper enough for individual fighting while compared to a purpose of building fixed blade fighting knife or combat knife. A standard feature of such type of folding knife refers it to be used in rescue and its blade to be extended during a fight, which is considered to be a delusive strategy in the context of a fight. Those who are learning knife fighting pointed it out that any locking mechanism can be a failure trick, along with the fact that a folding knife despite having great strength is always less reliable in comparison with a fixed-blade combat knife.

A Martial artist and CEO of Cold Steel, Lynn Thompson mentioned it in his article in a magazine named Black magazine that the majority of the tactical folding knives blade is found to be too small to be used in a knife combat situation. And that even though he is involved in producing, selling, and bringing a tactical folding knife, according to himself, such type of knife isn’t best weapon for hand to hand knife fighting.