How 3D Technology Is Innovating Branding and Product Design

Vaibhav Rai

November 27, 2018 12:53 PM

Marketers are looking for newer ways to make their advertising and marketing through print standout with an incredibly unique experience. The crave for impacting market with impressive print advertisements has reflected with higher demand for advanced printing technology. Unlike any other commercial printing solutions, the 3D technology is here to stay with its capability to get 3D models printed in a cost-effective and impactful way. In addition to its application in manufacturing, medical, industrial and sociocultural sectors, it also has vast application for Out Of Home and storefront advertisements. A research by Deloitte revealed that the market value of the global 3D printing industry will cross 5.2 billion USD in 2020 and home improvement and life sciences will be the key sectors that disrupt this technology the most.

How It Works

3D printing emerges to be an effective marketing solution for detailing pop out billboards and many other advertising mediums that makes an impression among customers. With global brands like Coca-Cola and Warner Bros., using 3D printing services in their marketing campaigns worldwide it has become more widespread in the marketing world. Compared with standard toner/laser printing, 3D printing is unique in many ways. It creates objects layer-by-layer from the bottom up. In 3D printing technology shapes are built with a base and a computer controlled printer builds the shape by placing one layer of material on the next at a high speed. It takes less than 6 hours for the 3D printer to print a 6’ object. Moreover, 3D printing is making great transformations in the way new age businesses advertise.

3D Printing In Various Industries

3D printing can advantage marketers by providing out of the box solutions. The technology allows marketers with innovative ways to develop and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers. Coca-Cola created miniature 3D statues of consumers to promote smaller Coke bottles and many other global leaders like Nokia, Volkswagen and eBay have already users 3D printing for their various advertising campaigns.

In a competitive business landscape, marketing has a great impact on establishing brand individuality. The 3D printing is increasingly approached by organizations to make their advertising campaign distinguished in market. In the 3D printing, originality is a major factor that benefits much for futuristic businesses. The business world’s craving to make their print advertising and promotional products align to the customer brief can be accomplished with interactive 3D printing ideas. This printing technology is instrumental in providing promotional and professional advertising services for businesses. 3D printing allows businesses to create advertising experiences exactly as it’s conceived. The 3D printing technology has much advanced to allow marketers to go beyond their imagination in creating a visual impact on their brand. We are leading providers of 3D printing services in Mumbai

Innovative Applications

Nowadays 3D printing is used even for shaping cookies and chocolates. 3D printing is mostly used by the food-related industry for product design, packaging, and other OOH advertisements. Many globally leading food manufacturing companies have brought together AI Machine Learning and 3D printing in their factories to produce any design on food products with perfect detailing. As 3D technology keeps on improving, it is attracting more entrepreneurs to make amazing product design and logo printing that favors to their brand identity and popularity.