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How to Plan the Baby’s First Birthday

Vaibhav Rai

September 10, 2018 09:20 PM

There is nothing more exciting than watching your kid turning a year old. It feels like the whole year passed like a flash, and soon you will see your kid walking and talking. Now when it is time to plan your little one’s first birthday, it does not have to be too expensive to be interesting and memorable. There are many things, which you can do without spending a ton of cash to ensure that all the guests have a nice time.

Here are some tips, which you can get some help from while planning your kid’s first birthday celebration.

Don’t go over the top

You know that your kid is not going to remember this party. In addition, one year olds sometime get scared of strangers. So, there is no point of hiring jugglers and clowns, and renting ponies. Invite only close family members and friends. Make sure that the place does not become too loud.

Plan the party around the naptime

Your baby may have the habit of taking morning and afternoon naps. Hence, it is better to schedule the party in between these nap times.

Prepare a Budget

As said earlier, your kid is not going to remember this one, so prepare a decent budget for the party, and stay within the limits of that budget while arranging everything.

You can consider other locations

Though your house is the most optimum location, you can also consider some other locations if your house is too small to handle many guests. A clubhouse or a church hall near to your house would be a perfect location for the party. If you have a local child-themed restaurant, you can have a great party over there. If the weather is nice, you can get a cake delivery and set out for a local park or zoo.

Plan around a theme

Themed parties give some great opportunities for pictures. The kids find it fun and get along with other kids easily. Themes like Disney Cartoons and certain colour are famous among many parents.

Get a photographer

You don’t want to spend all your time behind the camera, but still want as many pictures as possible to show your baby when he or she grows up. It is better to hire a professional photographer, though you can ask a friend or relative to do the job. However, give the job only to those who you trust.

Plan your menu for kids

Plan a menu that is simple, easy to make, and do notrequire your whole day inthe kitchen. Kids love bite-size cakes, finger foods, sandwiches, and pasta. You can have ice tea for adults. Ask your favourite bakery to send New Baby cake and order some snacks from a local place to ease cooking process a bit.

Last advice would be for all the mommies to relax and enjoy. Birthday parties, where so many kids come on the same platform, sometimes become very hard to handle. Kids cry, and spill drinks on each other, but remember it is all about having a good time with your baby.