Importance of survey solution for market research

By | January 10, 2017

Survey Back Office’s best solution for survey market research

When surveying your target audience, you need a survey research project tool that is powerful enough to collect and analyze thousands of data points. But, you don’t have the time to wade through a convoluted program that makes it difficult to set up advanced survey logic and integrate with your existing tools.

Survey Back Office’s powerful, easy-to-use software takes the headache out of creating and acting on your market research surveys.

Administering surveys is one of the most common and effective market research methods. Surveys help researchers understand their current markets better and use that data to develop strategies that will help them remain viable in their markets, as well as find the best ways to enter new or emerging markets. However, administering market research surveys doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming process.

With Survey Back Office solution, market research teams can easily and efficiently design and administer market research surveys with easy-to-use features. With advanced survey software, market researchers can also collect data and conduct advanced analysis and reporting, all in one survey system.

What can survey project management Software offer Market Research teams? 

  •  Live Project Management

You come to know your live counts of survey’s taken and executed successfully or terminated or was sent to quota full. Along with a total count of client you also get a bifurcated count based on the panel vendors.

  • Stage of Project

What are the maximum surveys allotted to a particular project and out of it how many are been completed. Along with the completion stage it also give analysis on duration.

  • Return On Investment

The system provides a facility to record client’s CPC/CPI and at the same time also allows to record vendor’s CPC/CPI. This gives you analysis of gross profit. Additional you can also check out the gross profit in context with the turn around days.