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Improve your Productivity with these Office Cleaning Tips

Vaibhav Rai

September 18, 2018 12:15 PM

Remember, a clean office is a productive office. As your role as an employer, your responsibility is not just restricted to regular business operations. You might be an entrepreneur or running a multi-billion-dollar business, but you need to make sure that your employees are working in a clean and healthy workspace.


One of the major threats of the 21st century is the pollution and extreme climatic conditions. The unlikely climatic conditions and bad air quality are posing major health risks. As a business owner, it is highly impossible you can do anything to help your employees outside your office. However, you can definitely keep them safe inside your building by taking few simple decisions about your office cleaning policy.

There are a lot of things that are commonly overlooked. For instance, your office carpet, how often do you think it is cleaned? Is your cleaning staff just vacuuming? Then it’s not sufficient, you may call professional carpet steam cleaners.

You have upholstery furniture in the cafeteria and the meeting room, they look magnificent, but are they being regularly cleaned? How about the restrooms?

It’s not just the health of your employees, but even your clients who visit your place should not feel uncomfortable or inconvenient, because it shows your professionalism.

You don’t want your employees falling sick often, do you? There are many things you don’t have control on, but within your office, you can take few decisions that would improve the quality of working space.

  1. Take Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Installing carpet in your office is the best decision you made. The fine quality carpet is just designed for the corporate atmosphere. Maybe you don’t realize but commercial carpet gets easily dirty and often requires more attention than your residential carpets.

Even though commercial carpets are designed for high foot traffic environments, you’ll see them filthy in a very less time. Instead of giving more tasks to your cleaning staff, you should call commercial carpet cleaners.

Your staff finds some coffee spill in the cafeteria and they try using some chemical to clean the stain. There might be a good possibility that they use wrong chemical cleaner and damage the carpet. Or these chemical cleaners may develop unpleasant odor causing inconvenience to your employees.

The best and effective practice is calling professional carpet cleaners who are trained for this job.


  1. Don’t Forget the Upholstery

Furniture cleaning? I don’t think your staff would have had that on their cleaning list. Your employees spend at least 8 hours every day in your office. Most of the time either they will be seated in their cubicle or visiting the cafeteria or meeting rooms. Wherever they go they would come in contact with your office furniture.

The Le Corbusier Style Sofa Loveseat in your reception area is your favorite. You paid a very good price and bought one in white aniline leather. Now the color looks faded and the furniture piece looks old and worn. Leave visitors, even your employees will think twice before using the sofa.

An unclean upholstery fabric is neither good to look at nor a hygienic place to sit.  You may be equipped with some good quality machines, but if you want to make sure there is some high-quality cleaning then hire Professional upholstery cleaners.




  1. Monitor Indoor Air Quality

There are a lot of factors that impact the indoor air quality. It might be your filthy carpet, unclean toilet, or the smelling furniture.

As per the study of Harvard School of Public Health double-blind, 2014, high level of CO2 and volatile organic compounds may impact the cognitive ability of a person.

There is a solution. Do a lot of cleaning and call professionals at least thrice a year. Your carpet, upholstery furniture, anything that can harbor germs and dirt, get them cleaned, the IAQ will automatically improve.

Other than that, invest in indoor air purifying plants. You’ll find a lot of variety, Dracaena, Boston fern and much more. Pick the best plants that will suit your office interior and help you naturally improve the air quality.


  1. Keep the Toilets Clean

You have designed rules for your office bathroom etiquette, but that is not enough. Your employees will do their job, but what about the tiles? Are they clean?

A dirty grout line not only reduces the appeal of your bathroom but makes the place unhygienic to use. Your cleaning staff may use bleach or other chemical cleaners, but that is not a permanent solution. The toilet may stink more or develop strong odor from the chemicals used. It’s harmful to the tiles as well as the person using the place.

You can take the services of tile cleaners. A professional tile cleaner will keep your restroom clean and sanitized and helps you develop a healthy work environment.


  1. Always Empty the Dustbins

The dustbins should not appear like a junk space just because you can throw something in there. All the dustbins should be emptied on a day-to-day basis, irrespective of the quantity of waste present.

A clean environment keeps workers motivated and makes them more productive. You need not always take help from commercial cleaners; certain things can be managed even with your in-house cleaning staff.


The Bottom Line

You don’t need reasons to keep your office space clean. A clean working space does not just highlight your professional image but shows your concern for your employees. Their well-being is important if you want to enjoy good growth for your business organization.