Lyft endeavors $6 billion appraisals in finance round

By | March 23, 2017

Look all over any major city of the world and you will see that ride-sharing services of Uber, Lyft and others which are nearly as everywhere as the taxis, if not make obscure them as a whole. These services have in a firm position themselves in the New York City, Los Angeles and the San Francisco, and are very quickly making their way into new parts of the US and around the world.

All over their speedy in the expansion, these firms have attracted their fair share of bad press, which they will address below of the service. However, this instruct seeks to put that company drama aside to explain the how and why of using Lyft and Uber service by the people, particularly for those who have not yet taken their first ride in the service.

Lyft car options:

The Lyft has two car options which they are Lyft and Lyft Plus and you share your ride with a user you don’t know about this service. Each rider is dropped off at their set of destination from the source, so the travel may take longer than a personal ride. The reason you’d want to use this service is that it cuts the cost of the trip, so you will save a two of bucks or more, depending on your city ride and the route. The best part of this service system is that if you appeal a carpool ride and no one else joins with this system, you will still get the discounted fare for the ride.

Therefore the Uber and the Lyft are the best-known services, but other players which include Sidecar, Wingz, Summon and the Hailo. In Europe country, there’s also LeCar, Djump, BlaBlaCar, Heetch, SnapCar and Uber has several slightly different from the other services. It still runs with its limo-style UberBLACK, which needs the drivers to have a commercial cab driver license and the insurance. Taxis can now sign up for a new service called UberTAXI with their actual permits and the insurance for the service. Finally, there is the pure travel sharing service like UberX and even the cheaper version is called UberPOP. For its part, Lyft service, with its pink scythe, is ridesharing-only, but presently they launched service called Lyft Plus, a premium service it says is less expensive than the competitive offerings.



Therefore the Sources told the Journal that the Lyft service has been silently pitching the investors and is looking for an estimation of between 6 billion dollars and 7 billion dollars.

The WSJ said it could not understand when the fundraising began or which the investors may be interested in the new service.

Lyft service is the number two ride-hailing company in the U.S. behind the Uber service. The sources told the CNBC in the month of January Lyft service could be gainable before its arch rival, given how much money that the Uber is spending to grow its international business in the city.

Uber service is recently found itself delay in a series of debate which includes a highly publicized sexual harassment charge by a former worker of the service, a lawsuit from car company of Alphabet and the CEO of Travis Kalanick caught arguing with his Uber service driver in a newly released video of the incident.

We know that Lyft service is the second-largest ride-hailing firm in the United States of India and therefore this service is trying to hike more money just as like the Uber service, its bigger rival, grapples with the questions about its culture and the leadership of the service.

Lyft is talking with the financier about the latest fund which is raising that would put the value around $6 billion of the company, according to three people explained on the financing who is asked to rest anonymously because the act is confidential. One of the people in the mass said that the valuation could be as high as 7 billion dollars.

The firm was valued at 5.5 billion dollars early last year after the investors which include the General Motors, be flowing about 1 billion dollars into the service. It is unclear how far along with the Lyft service is with the latest fund-raising and even if the round will be completed for the ride.

Therefore the Lyft service is based in the San Francisco city, declined to the comment. The finance effort was formerly reported by The Wall Street Journal for the service.

The fund-raising may be bolstering the Lyft competitively, given that the Uber has been taken up in an increase the series of internal issues.

Travis Kalanick, chief executive of Uber service, has been under the close examination for this year for his taking part in an economic advisory council for the President Trump middle in a social media attempt to win for people to delete their Uber application. Therefore Mr. Kalanick finally stepped down from the council.

Uber has also struggled physically with the concerns about its workplace culture over the past few weeks of the previous year after a former worker published an account of her year at the firm, which included a charge of sexual harassment and the discrimination.

In addition to that, the Uber was taken misleading the journalists about an accident which is caused by one of its automatic driving cars in the service. And the Waymo, the self-driving car business goes out of the parent company of Google, Alphabet; sued Uber in last week, claiming it had used technology was stolen by one of its workers.

This week, The CEO of Uber Mr. Kalanick apologized for his action across an Uber driver after a video of him losing with his state of mind with the driver surfaced.

The Lyft has long been the underdog to the Uber service. Lyft operates only in the United States while the Uber service is a universal company around the world. The two have previously operated in pricing wars and it has bad-mouthed with each other. In the month of August, the Lyft held discussions with the General Motors, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Google and Didi Chuxing about the selling of itself. The firm could not agree with the potential shoppers on a price for demand.

Till now the brand of the Lyft has recently looked comparatively to the attractive price. As the Uber service seeks with its ties to the President administration of Trump in the month of January, Lyft donated 1 million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The Lyft’s application subsequently ascends to the top of the Apple application store’s in the download list.


In conclusion:

Neither the Lyft service nor the Uber service has emerged as a financially sound business. Their battle has led them to lower prices and offer deals to lure new users and maintain their market share in the market. It has been hard for either firm to raise the prices which are enough to cover the costs. Both the Lyft and the Uber are still unprofitable and depend on the private investment capital to finance their operations.

We have also been hearing that Lyft service casually survey IPO possibilities, but is not yet close to making a conclusion. If the firm does not get captured for a price that surpasses its latest valuation, then it would particularly make sense for them to go down that path of the service. Lyft declined to the comment.


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