Magento Shopping Cart Is the Most Flexible eCommerce Solution for Your Business

By | November 4, 2016


Voted the #1 choice in 2015, the Magento Business Solution is an amazing open source program with 300+ partners, 60,000 developers, and over 240,000 merchants using the software. It is surprisingly strong and robust, while allowing itself to be tailored for any type of merchant conceivable.

Considerable Features : 

The Magento Shopping Cart has great features that companies and the merchant can use to make their website the newest hub for their product. For instance, if you do not have many design skills, then Magento allows you to choose from over a thousand designs already prepared to be used with your website.

Here are a few other noteworthy characteristics of the platform:

  • Built-in shopping cart — Since the software has its own shopping cart system built in, you don’t have to worry about an extra program to make your market accessible.
  • Payment processing — The Magento Business Solution provides multiple payment-processing options, and you can set it to accept only your preferred payment methods. You can choose from options like PayPal, SimplePay,, Google Wallet, Pay with Amazon, and more.
  • Traffic & Inventory monitoring — It also allows you to monitor traffic to your site through Google Analytics integration, as well as generate sales reports on specific or all products in your inventory. You can find out what the most purchased product is, how much is left in stock, common search terms, and even the most commonly used coupon. The program can even find out and provide you with information on your best customers.
  • Miscellaneous features — There are many other features pre-built into the software that can give your customers a great deal of control over how they shop, including order history searching, live tracking of their purchase, and an easy way to access the help desk in case they run into any issue.

Magento is a large program and may look daunting for those who are not accustomed to using a program of this size, but merchants are not alone. Magento Shopping Cart presents an array of tools and customizations that can be plugged in and activated, while making it easy for third-party plugins to be integrated with little effort.

With the aid of a large help wiki, almost any problem you run into can be researched and solved easily, making maintenance costs and hiring a programmer to fix something much less needed.

Another upside of Magento is that it does not force you to use their servers to store all your sensitive data like other programs might. If you have your own website and your own space, you can install everything you need on to your own web host and maintain control over the entire platform and the information that is logged.

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