Marketing your Blog through Social Media

By | April 2, 2018

Bloggers don’t put up a blog just so they can able themselves as bloggers. They do so because they are seeking exposure and opportunities. They want their works to get noticed and they want people to come to their site to read what they have taken hours, even days, to write.

However, it seems odd that many bloggers don’t use social media marketing. It is probably because of being self – conscious. Whereas they want people to visit their blog but they are not sure if they want people they know to actually read their blog.

Nonetheless, it makes sense. if people reject their stuff, that would fine. Yet if the people they personally knew are the ones who had something negative to say about their blog, then that would wreck their hearts.

When you blog, you write about your experiences, your expertise, your feelings and so on. Your blog is all about you. It is all about what you see yourself to be.

Probably, people are not ready to face the reality that other people may not agree their self-reflection. Perhaps this is why lots of bloggers don’t utilize social media as a marketing tool.

Be that as it may, there still lots of gains from social media marketing. Myriad of articles have already made it point of how well a blog can perform when it’s

Find out which social media platform will best suit your blog

Using just one social media platform to market your blog is a big deal in itself. So, you’re thinking if you use several social media platforms, then it might just make the big break for your blog. Well, not exactly.

Blogs have different types of themes. Figure out what yours is and then take on from there.

Write with your own voice

If you think writing is for blogging and not for marketing, better think again! Marketing means that you are going to persuade people to care about what you do. It means that you are going to persuade people to care about your blog. How are you going to do that without the help of writing?

Obviously, if you’re planning to share your blog on social media without captions, then no one is going to care about your posts. You need to be convincing, The only way you’ll be able to convince anyone of anything is if you can convey a message, something you can only do through writing or through videos or audios. Still, you’re going to need a script then, and that would require some writing.

There’s no brand that was sold due to its advertisements. They are sold because customers need it. Its either they need a high-quality product or they need something cheap. So, they make the first buy. That first experience between the product and the customer determines whether there is going to be another visit in the counter.

If the product is good then a good relationship will be developed with the buyer, but if not, the buyer will certainly just ignore the product the next time he walks pass it in the grocery or mall.

Well, the point is sales talk or advertisement rarely convinces people to take the first bite. So, in your case, people are not going to click on your link if you don’t have even the shortest caption for your social media post.

You have to write something that will hook the viewers. How do you do that? You have to write with your own voice. It has to appear genuine. Don’t make it sound as if you’re just trying to get people to look at your site. It has to display humanity.

Stay updated

This doesn’t mean that you have to check your notifications bar every single time (but it’s part, too!) The thing is you should know about the latest trends.

No matter how many statuses you post each day, there are only a number of people who will actually see them.

You have to make sure that your posts are discoverable. When people search for their personal interests on social media, make it a goal that your post would be one of the things that will come up.

You have to know the things that are up-to-date. You should know everything (if possible) around your niche. If you’re running a food blog, then you need to be updated in case a restaurant with the best pasta in Singapore is about sprout; that is if your audience some sort of Italian food lovers or you have traffics from Singapore.

To do that, learn to search for specific keywords that are popular to your target audience. Once you gather the keywords, make sure to apply those keywords to your posts.

Well, that’s basically it. There’s nothing much about social media marketing. What really matter is you’re getting your message across. It’s the only way you’ll get to persuade them to come to your blog.

Here’s a tip: your social media marketing tactics won’t matter if you don’t have good content. You may get them to visit your site. However, unless you have to good content, then they won’t be coming back anytime soon. That being said, get that one thing off your checklist before you think about run a social media marketing.