MBA Distance Education in USA- MBA Correspondence

By | March 14, 2017

Distance Education is a form of imparting education virtually i.e. through correspondence. Students wonder if a professional course like MBA can be pursued through distance education. And the answer to it is affirmative. MBA through Distance Education is a trending medium which is often pursued by students who are either working or cannot afford to join a regular program (since it costs more).

MBA Distance Education in the USA:

So, if you have chosen to climb the ladder of corporate industry, take an affirmative step by enrolling yourself in a top Distance Learning MBA University in the USA. The positive factors of a distance learning program are as follows:

  1. MBA through Distance Education is economical (cost saving) option.
  2. Distance Education surpasses locational boundaries. So, all you need is the internet to study the course of your choice.
  3. It empowers you to multi-task.
  4. You can continue with your full-time job and yet pursue an MBA. This means that people who are not from a sound financial household can also hold a professional degree of MBA.

Why chose education outside India? Now, many may think that distance education does not behold as much value as a regular program. And this must have been true if we live in the 20th century. But today, the times are changed. If a person is skilled and is dedicated towards his job, he/she can is destined to get an equally good job as a regular MBA student.

The Internet has done us all the favors. We can develop skills to be a good administrator by taking tutorials online. Teachers have also played a positive role in this endeavour. They have been encouraging Distance Education in Programs like MBA. By recording lectures over the web and solving queries virtually, Distance Education has been made a success only by teachers.

More about MBA outside India: MBA via correspondence is offered by top universities of the world, as we mentioned earlier. From weekly lectures to monthly study material, everything including all the resources is made available online by paying a minimal amount. In fact, some of the programs are also free.

MBA through Distance Education is gaining global recognition. Students from Eastern countries who cannot travel to the West constitute the majority of takers who are pursuing MBA courses offered by US Universities via Distance Education.

Here is a filtered list of top class universities in United States that are offering best distance learning MBA degree in programs in healthcare management, marketing, retail, etc. by the means of Distance Education. The list of Top Distance Learning MBA Universities in USA is as follows:

  1. University of Florida
  2. Pennsylvania State University
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology
  6. Washington State University
  7. University of California
  8. North Eastern University
  9. Arizona State University
  10. Boston University

The hype of universities: With various universities engaging in distance education including top universities like Massachusetts and Yale offering MBA by Distance Education through online courses, the system of imparting education is becoming even more accessible and wide. A student sitting in a small town of India can pursue an MBA course from a university located in Boston, US.