Microsoft Office Application makes it Cozy now at the Chromebook also

By | January 19, 2017
It’s a very well-known fact that Microsoft Office is our favorite and one of the most frequently used suite of applications and services around the world. MS Office is the only Word application we make use of to create a .doc file usually. There are many people doesn’t even know that there are other word applications apart from Microsoft Office. The reason why this application is an idol and most preferred one among all is, it is reliable and enables its users with easy and satiating tools giving a space to its users to use them befittingly. They have been a milestone of success in this genre of applications since 1981 (the time it was constructed).  Microsoft Offices was first developed at 1981 for IBM for personal computers. Later the MS Office started to rule in every other personal computer where people who wanted to functionalize like creating, editing and sharing Office files. After a couple of years of the launch Microsoft itself inaugurated a new version MS-DOS. MS Office is a revolution which is ruling every single personal computer since of now expecting the Apple users.

Google has now recently become the biggest space for us where we can gather huge information. There is no one on earth that exists without knowing what Google is? And anybody who wants refers anything or wants to know something it’s better to tap into Google and ask our queries. Google launched a laptop like device called Chromebook which runs with the Linux-based platform and stores data “in cloud”. Chromebook has reached a lot of masses due to its design structure which is thin light weighted and attractive. Chromebook was developed exclusively for those who stay online through a day. This model is much like a clone of Mac OS, but the major difference it makes it was the platform.

Microsoft has joined hands with Google to accredit its users at Chromebook. Yes! Chromebook now supports MS Office in it. People felt a less unsettled and tough to use their new launched laptop like Chromebook without their ideal application for writing, creating and another suite of application belonging to MS Office. But now to the excitement to all users of Chromebook, they have enhanced a new version which supports every suite of applications from Microsoft since both Google and Microsoft has collaborated.

MS Office episodes with the Chromebook

It’s the diligent work and endless endeavors by Microsoft for a couple of years to work in multiple platforms. Positively they made it happen to run in systems with operating systems iOS and Androids. Since the enthusiasm for Android phones hasn’t gone down, Microsoft decided to get into the trend and start to run along with the go. Now the Google chrome operating system based notebook has availed its users with the entire package of MS Office. The hefty suite of Office application works absolutely great than it was expected over mobile phones. After making it available for all the regularly used platforms say iOS, Android and Windows the scope of the application widely increased.

Coming to the point where the statistics of Chromebook had elevated. This was to ensure its user to relish with the whole suite of applications related to MS Office over Chromebook. But a few people found some issues at the initial time while installing the application into the Chromebook. Then later Microsoft disclosed saying that there central idea and theme is to widen the usage of MS Office applications over cross-platforms and make it beneficial among all platforms.

So what’s new on this enhancement? Though Microsoft collaboration with Google is itself a new concept, but before getting into collaboration Microsoft wants to shake off in every sized device. So Microsoft has developed an application called Mobile Office app which works efficiently on smaller screens ranging from 10.1 inches. It also enabled better editing ideas and options in its new launch. There is a potential raise in the growth of Microsoft at the market after these upgrading and enhancements. And making the Chromebook users relish with the editing of documents, presentations, excel sheets and other packages available at the Microsoft Mobile Office.

But still few say it’s devastated

It’s a contrasting response among the midst of a few Chromebook lovers. The idea did seem to be welcoming among the folks but the counterparts feel that it does not sound like a good idea. They enjoyed using Chromebook with its specialized platform ChromeOS. They even say that though Android has a wide number of applications when compared to handful for Chromebook which is still lacking a lot of enhancements. But the Chromebook users lament saying that it would in speed when compared to the android. The android OS is comparatively slow when compared to the super fast ChromeOS. They perform tasks in a fraction of seconds without any lag. Booting the device would take a very few minute in Chromebook whereas in androids they would load for hours.

Next, comes the security which ChromeOS ensures it to hundred percent, the Chromebook has a feature of auto updating of applications which frequent reloads the latest version.  And it contains an architecture which is a constant guard from a few malicious codes and keeps running the newly installed software and applications. Whereas Android operating system just assures the users with security but it doesn’t seem to have greater stability to restrict from unwanted invaders and the security is damn poor in comparison with the other operating system. This is the reason why Chromebook users didn’t embrace the change or enhancement the organization has announced recently.

Most frequently used application now gratifying the Chromebook users

Keeping aside the pros and cons over the Microsoft and Google collaboration, now Chromebook users are promoted with a few application which is under the category of frequent downloads and used application listicle. Let’s see what are all the applications which Android users constantly made use of are now on Chromebook.


This application is one of the most popular video calling application which renders its user by placing video calls of crystal clear clarity and amazing audio clarity either. Skype is the used worldwide and that now available on Chromebook also.


Getting behind likes for our post we share is the current scenario. A person who gets hundred plus likes on a social media for their picture is a star. If there is an application where we could only do these thing means, will it be accepted? Yes! It will be. In fact, the application (Instagram) is super hit. The application enables five accounts to log in at the same time and swap between devices. So we can get notifications from the account in our Chromebook as we used to do from our Android Tablets.

This application is basically used to share instant images, videos and other media. When you’re struck by work with the laptop or Chromebook and still you want to get connected with your friends over Snapchat we can swap between the application and make progress over your work either. This is now made possible on Chromebook also.

Smule Sing:

This application made a lot of people get nuts over it. A person who loves singing or even bathroom singers became a huge fan of this karaoke application. This application is enabled to the relish of those Chromebook users who sing well.

In Conclusion

New things should always be embraced. The collaboration between Microsoft and Google is great news enabling us to use the great suite of application MS Office over Chromebooks. Not just MS Office other eminent and famous applications are also made available in the list adding delight to its users.

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