Myths and Facts about cornea transplants

By | November 16, 2016
Myth– Whole eye is removed and a new eye is put in its place.
Fact– Whole eye transplant is not yet possible. What we transplant is only the cornea, which is the front transparent part of the eye.

Myth– Eye transplant is the solution for all eyes.

Fact– Eye transplant is a misnomer. It is only cornea that we can transplant. Only the diseases that affect the cornea can be treated with cornea/ eye transplant. If the vision is lost due to disease of any other part of the eye such as retina, lens or vitreous; eye or cornea transplant does not help in these cases.

Myth– Some use animal eyes for transplant.
Fact– Only human cadaveric eye/cornea are used for transplant. No animal eyes are used for transplant in human beings.

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