Myths About Pregnancy You Need to Know About

By | November 17, 2016

Becoming a mother is considered to be the greatest gift of your lifetime. Every woman craves to listen to that one GOOD News. Things change. Change drastically in fact. You start looking at things differently, very soon your world is going to say hello to the real world! And when all of that happens there are many myths about pregnancy that you need to know about. It is always better to be well informed than fall prey to unwanted rumours. The best way to know all important facts about pregnancy is by consulting your doctor. No one else knows best! Many a times, your grand mom and your mother might know of some traditional tips during pregnancy, but even then, it is better to take a second opinion from doctors before trying it out on yourself!

One of it goes that you shouldn’t be eating sweets during pregnancy, but it is a myth which has been circulated since ages now. The other one goes that you should be eating for two people, which is again totally wrong. Know about the myths and facts of pregnancy so that both you and your little one are healthy. If you are unaware about the myths and facts of pregnancy, it could lead to many more complications when your special date approaches. When that happens, there is no point in crying.

Another common myth is that you shouldn’t be flying during pregnancy, which is again totally wrong. You should avoid bumpy rides when you are pregnant, but flying as such, has no issues. There are many other myths about pregnancy like these that many don’t even know about. The stupidest one would be that you should stay away from ugly animals! Can you beat that? Yes, even in modern times like these, many believe in this strange myth. Does that mean that if your husband is ugly, you would also have to stay away from them? Just kidding, don’t take it to heart! Enjoy your special days, and wish you a happy and safe delivery!