By | June 30, 2017

OnePlus 5 is faster than the iPhone7 Plus according to the speed test. It is the first Android phone in several years to dethrone the iPhone. The iPhone has sat solidly at the top ranking since the iPhone 6S was launched in 2015.

David Rahimi has uploaded a video, in which he shows the OnePlus5 beats the iPhone7 Plus in a speed test. The test measures how quickly a device is capable of opening a bunch of apps. It consists of two rounds in which both phones open a total of 16 apps including four gaming apps, and perform various tasks such as exporting a file or loading up a video. And the first round shows which device can open the apps faster and it also shows how iOS and Android mobiles can handle animations as well. The second round is a real challenge, it puts the handsets RAM management to the test.

IPhone’s integration of hardware and software lets Apple fine tune the phone to squeeze out every inch of power out of its component. iPhone has taken the lead in previous speed tests, especially with games, and even against higher speificationc handsets. OnePlus 5 however, sports a monstrous 8GB of RAM in its top configuration the one used in the test which means it can keep more apps open in the background than the iPhone 7 Plus. The test is not meant to represent real life scenarios, where a difference of seconds won’t really matter, but the results none the less speak to the OnePlus5‘s impressive performance optimisation.