Questions to Ask When Finding the Best Insurance Service for Your Needs

Vaibhav Rai

September 29, 2018 11:28 AM

Enrolling to an insurance service is one of the vital things that lots of professionals are now investing on. People now feel the need to be more secured and one way to do this is to invest on something that would allow them to be supported medically. At present, there are a number of trusted companies that provide insurance in the Philippines. They are entities who have been working on the field for long and are familiar with the specific needs of different clients. If you or your family is not yet enrolled in any insurance, it would help greatly if you start canvassing for prospect services that could provide you with your specific needs. For starters, we have compiled questions that you should ask yourself to help find the best pick. Take a quick look.

Who are the most trusted names in the industry?

This is a primary concern by all insurance clients and you will do well in addressing the concern as early as possible. Before agreeing on any deal, it’s best to first identify who are the key players in the insurance business. More often than not, they are the popular companies you’ve already heard about. While reputation is just one factor to consider, it’s a crucial one. Companies built it with hard work. And if a lot of people agree to their service, then they must really be doing a good job at providing the service.

How are the client reviews for these companies?

Next thing you can check would be the comments of actual clients. If you have relatives or friends currently enrolled in a policy, give them a call and ask about their experience with the company. You may also browse online to read some of the comments made by clients on forums, blogs and social media. This will help you get an idea on how efficient an insurance service is when addressing the needs of their customers.

What are my expectations?

Of course, you won’t fully get satisfied unless your expectations are met. It’s vital that you clarify what you are expecting from the service and whether or not they are realistic. Insurance companies have their own standard operating procedures and there are limits to how much aid they can offer. Define your expectations and don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation. Companies in this type of industry have in-house consultants who will be much willing to provide answers to your questions. Even if your full expectations are not met, it’s important to know who among your options can provide the closest service.

What specific insurance policy covers my needs and expectations?

Insurance companies offer varied insurance policies that cover different aspects of medical support such as dental, general checkup and more. Before enrolling, you will be asked to choose a policy you want to get. Before agreeing on anything, be sure to know the policies that could serve you best.

How much am I expected to pay?

Just like any products, insurance policies also differ in prices. Those with bigger coverage will naturally cost higher. Here, you’ll need to consider your income. Getting premium policies may be ideal but if the cost is too much for your personal capacity to pay, then it would still be an unwise choice.

What is the mode of payment?

This has something to do with the frequency of payment you’re expected to comply. Most insurance companies would give you the freedom to choose this method too. Whether you prefer monthly, quarterly or yearly payment, there are policies that fit preferred mode of payment. There are even companies who give discounts for clients who choose to pay yearly. Just make sure that before you agree on anything, you have first understood the terms involved in the payment.

How well does the company’s terms and conditions work for me?

Keep in mind that different companies have their own rules. If you don’t pay attention to the terms and conditions, there is a huge chance that you will have issues later on. Once you have narrowed down your list, take some time to read their terms and condition. This will help you spot vague details that may need clarification. Needless to say, don’t hesitate to ask the company for answers in case you have doubts on any details stated on the terms.

How is their customer service?

Lastly, assess the competence of their customer support team. The way they handle your concerns speaks of their commitment in service. Companies who mean business take good care of their clients. If you don’t feel supported on your initial dealings with their team, then there is a huge chance that you’ll have issues with them the moment you enroll. More importantly, it’s an advantage if you feel comfortable working with them. This way, you won’t have any issues asking questions, scheduling a consultation period and more.

Are there any serious legal issues that the company is currently facing?

Searching for this may be a bit tricky since there is no guarantee that you’ll see any news or information about a legal complaint coming from an insurance service client. It might be best to ask around to get a better grip of a company’s reputation. A company cannot totally stay away from customer complaints no matter how hard they try. After all, you can’t impress everybody. There will be times when clients would choose to file a case when their requests are not granted. You may want to double check this factor to make sure that you are not dealing with a service whose work ethics is currently compromised. Just like any other services, insurance companies are not created equal. While they claim to serve the public in terms of medical assistance, they are ultimately run by private individuals with their own vested interest. It’s a business after all. They also need to earn in order to continue operation. Even if you hear something really good about a company, it’s still wiser to check the details yourself. You can’t also totally rely on ads. Remember that they’re created by businesses with the goal of attracting your attention and encouraging you to choose them above the other competitors. Rather than blindly agreeing, practice curiosity and ask questions.

What if you end up not liking the service?

It’s good to know that it is possible to detach from your current service. Just make sure that you follow the right process. Different companies have their own ways on how they handle their policies so if you end up not liking the current service and would like to transfer, then by all means pass through proper communications. This would make your transaction smoother and free of any issues.

Bottom line  : Getting yourself enrolled in an insurance service is ultimately a choice, and if you’re bent on getting one for yourself, it’s your responsibility to choose which among the options would you like to deal with.  If you’re torn between more than two prospect choices, do not hesitate to ask your most trusted friends and relatives for support. If they’re enrolled in one service, they can mostly likely give you a fine recommendation that would satisfy your needs.