Send Diwali Gifts to USA Online Without Any Second Thoughts

Vaibhav Rai

September 22, 2018 05:08 PM

It often happens that we want to send gifts to our dear ones on special occasions, but stuck in a myriad things we either forget about it or do not have the time to get the gifts. But things are a lot easier now with reputed online gift portals offering the best gift options that anyone could have ever thought of. The best thing about these online gift portals is that no one has to leave the comfort of their home, and yet can get all the gifts hand delivered to their dear ones in every nook and corner in India or in the USA. This way, it not only saves one the hassle of moving from one brick and mortar store to the other, but also helps them to make savings since seasonal and occasional discounts are more or less available. The payment methods are safe, and so you do not have to think of getting involved in any scam and end up losing money. Just ensure that when you send Diwali gifts online, the portal should be a reputed done.

The choices for Diwali gifts to India is varied across these online portals. You can easily send Diwali gifts to USA through the online gift portals as they are tied up with a wide delivery network thus enabling timely delivery of gifts without any damage or getting lost.



What Picks Are Available As Diwali Gifts To India-If you are considering to get Diwali gifts for all your family members and friends in India this Diwali, then keep the following gift options in mind.

Silver Plated Gift Items- Silver is pure in itself. Hence, sending silver gift items on Diwali is auspicious. Opt from a wide range of silver gift items like Silver coin, Special Diwali Puja Kalash & Flower Hamper, Laxmi oval silver coin and more.

Diwali Dry Fruits- Dry fruits are not only good for health, but can also be used as ingredients in making various dishes. Preparing sweets at home is a common thing in every household during Diwali. You too can send big hampers of dry fruits for helping your mother prepare some mouth watering delicacies.

Diwali Gift Hampers- Opt from a wide range of Diwali gift hampers online and make Diwali special for all back home in India. A five star special hamper of colorful roses and a sumptuous chocolate cake is great on Diwali. Or else, you can choose a fresh fruits basket that consists all the fresh fruits of the season.

Diwali Sugarfree Sweets- Diwali is a time to eat to your heart’s content, especially sweets. But, if there is anyone in the family who is diabetic, then send sugarfree sweets for them. It is so easy to order an entire lot online. Get a Khus khus Dryfruit Mithai Cake, Sugarfree Pure Kaju Mix, Sugarfree Pista Moon, Natural Fruit Assorted Sugarfree Sweets White Box and more.

Special Diwali Sweets- You can also save your mother the hassle of preparing lots of sweets for guests this Diwali. Order Diwali special sweets online for all who would be visiting your home this Diwali. You can send Diwali Strawberry Katli, Golden Assorted Diwali Sweets Box, Kaju Pista Barfi with Free Silver Coin, Diwali Dryfruits Paan Sweets with Coin and more.

Diwali Rangoli- While the walls of the house are getting painted, make sure that the floors do not go blank. Diwali is the time to make lovely and colorful rangolis. If you were the one expert at it back home and think that this time it will go amiss, then do not worry. You can also order rangolis online and send them back home in India. You can choose a designer peacock Rangoli, Acrylic Red Pearl Rangoli with Diyas and more.

What Gifts Do You Want To Send on Diwali to USA- If you are in India and someone dear to you is abroad and you want to send Diwali gifts to USA, then there are ample choices for the same as well. There are plenty of choices according to your need and budget. What you just need to do is have a look at them and pick accordingly.

Diwali Thalis- The best thing to be sent on Diwali for those staying far away from home, is Diwali thalis. Order the compact package online. You have the option to choose from Acrylic Red Pearl Rangoli with Diyas, Ganesh Bandhani Thali with Free Silver Coin and more.

Diwali Diyas- Light up your home with beautiful diyas. Though most households use electric light nowadays, the charm and beauty of small diyas flickering in the wind yet brightening up every nook and corner of the home is simply unmatched.


Apart from these, you can also send Diwali sweets and dry fruits to your family and friends back in the USA.