Specialist in Family Law – For or Against Divorce?

Vaibhav Rai

September 17, 2018 09:34 AM

In the case of a divorce, an attorney is usually unavoidable. But what is important when choosing a divorce counsel? What criteria can you choose an attorney for your divorce? We have collected helpful tips for you.

If, however, you are concerned that your partner wants to take advantage of you during the divorce, it is recommended that both parties engage their own divorce attorney even if this is initially associated with higher costs. If you have to clarify matters such as maintenance, due diligence or property claims within the framework of the divorce, a second attorney is inevitable.

Select divorce counsel carefully

  1. Specialized attorney for the divorce search

In the case of a divorce, it is highly recommended to select an attorney specializing in family law. Such an attorney, through a special education and special examinations, has much deeper knowledge and abilities in family law as a lawyer acquires her as part of a normal education. In addition, specialist attorneys must regularly take part in training courses on their subject area and demonstrate their current knowledge.

  1. Provide a personal impression of the lawyer

After you have made a pre-selection of some attorneys, from whom you can imagine that they represent you at your divorce, you should give yourself a personal impression of them. You can, for example, pay attention to the following points:

  • Internet presence: To visit the website is a simple and anonymous way to get a first impression of the lawyer or law firm. Is the website meaningful and provides a lot of information? Is it designed properly? Perhaps you can draw some conclusions on the working attitude of the potential lawyer for your divorce.
  • Contact: The point of contact is also important when choosing a lawyer for divorce. How easy was it to make contact? How long did it take for the lawyer to return after a non-binding request? And how helpful was the first information you received?
  • Cost question: Another important factor for assessment is cost transparency. It should be clearly communicated from the beginning, which costs in the case of a representation by a certain lawyer at your divorce to you to come.
  • Advice: During the first consultation, you can assess how much the potential attorney for your divorce will deal with you as a client. How comprehensive is the first call? Is the lawyer open to specific questions or is he limited to general information? How understandable does he explains legal issues?
  • Experience: The competence of the lawyer also plays an important role. Therefore, it is helpful to know how much work experience and knowledge is available in the specific subject area.
  • Location: Ultimately, of course, the location is also important. Is the lawyer who is eligible for your divorce to be reached well? Remember, however: for a competent counseling and a trustworthy lawyer may also be somewhat longer ways.

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