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Strawberry Face Packs and Face Masks

Vaibhav Rai

September 22, 2018 04:27 PM

Strawberry is a good result that can use for beauty care is considered. If you eat fruit like strawberries, then some of them out and some wonderful side face packs to keep your skin glowing. Strawberry face packs great potential to look attractive when you are among your friends and relatives said. How does it feel for you will not get tired of receiving appreciation? Instead of buying products on the market with harmful chemicals, it is always the main ingredient of face pack as strawberries and other natural herbs and strawberries with homemade ingredients kitchen is better to take home. This homemade strawberry face packs, bringing the glow to remove wrinkles, skin cleansing and skin tone include removing the tan varieties that are provided by the facility.

The most famous fruit that features a lot of fresh strawberries refreshes the look of your skin can concentrate on the one that bundled. Strawberries highly recommended for oily skin acne problem. It consists of alpha-hydroxy acid and the similar issues. If you concerned enough to get them in the face packs by adding strawberries allowance prevents the growth of tumor growth, just below the house, there is a glimpse of the fruit and facial scrubs. The face packs give you a lot of advantages as they need to clean up garbage removal and skin.

Strawberry fruit that you constantly have your breakfast or at any other time during the day consuming one. The natural sweetness of fruit and freshness that gives you from the inside. The result is an increase in the glow of your skin from the inside. Even away from the skin to keep you in a lot of help.

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Mashed strawberry faces mask

Let dry for some time and wash it with cold water and pat with a cloth. This straightforward and easy homemade face mask is a refreshing and glowing skin you just leave like you came back from the salon.

Strawberries and honey face pack

Honey is known for its moisturizing property, but it hydrates the skin and opens the pores. In four to five crushed strawberries from a bowl of strawberries and honey paste to add a tablespoon. Mix it up and apply to face and leave it for five minutes and let vitamins absorbed by the skin, the mouth should wash with clean water and milk. One of their daily scrubbings can use this mixture as a scrub.

Strawberries, honey and lemon scrub

The homemade fruit and honey scrub is good for oily skin. Four or five strawberries in a bowl to make a paste, crushed strawberries and lemons and lemon juice add one tablespoon. Mix and apply it to the face and neck. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. Lemon and strawberry react to get the best results from perfect smoothness and softness will be removed as a scrub twice a week, try this.

Face scrub to massage using fruits and milk

This home is ideal for tightening skin and aging problems. Take strawberries fruit scrub paste and milk and add the tablespoon of cream pinch two. DAB mix it and face it. It takes 10 minutes and after that dry and oil-free and glowing skin of the face with the cold water rinse.

Gentle skin tone

Our home-grown strawberries that great aroma and healthy skin with skin toner are prepared amazed. This toner is dull blemishes and reduces wrinkles too. Here system, so that the juice from the strawberries in the deep to grind. Separate broth and add 100 ml of rose water and shake it out of this. Keep the refrigerator and efficient solution to replace the ink results in your life.

This cute berry into his mouth rather than smooth legs smooth to rough and painful to face the bullets do not have the ability to provide a solution. Get the details here foot scrub.

Foot Scrub Recipes

It is their foot crack, free soft and smooth appearance of many women and men are a desire to work hard. It might be enough to crack the examination of therapy with creams, and it was not possible to break the legs of cracks in the structure, but the strawberries will give a kind of relaxation.


  • Seven of the nine crushed strawberries
  • grounded oats
  • half a tablespoon of glycerin.

Strawberries in a bowl paste, glycerin, and it is grounded oats and mix to form a spreadable paste. Wash them with cold water and some moisturizing cream applied to the leg.

The scrub dead skin and skin that has been clogged leg will cut a new freshness awakes.

Strawberry with rice flour

Some of them cut strawberries placed in the grinder to create a smooth paste. Now a different container tomato purees made at home, and the same amount of rice flour add a teaspoon. Pure as well as rice flour and mix it well and set aside. Bring the container that contains strawberries and pours the puree into the rice flour. The pack will be 15 minutes and then wash it with warm water to Luke. This helps to eliminate a variety of skin problems.

Lemon and strawberry

A face mask removed so that the facial tan and gives a natural glow to the beautiful combination of strawberry and lemon. You can take the 3- and four fruits will need to mix it. Now add the lemon juice mixed with a single fruit. Now you can implement it to your face and keep it for 10 minutes. Now you can wash it in watercolor. An excellent face pack that helps to remove the tan from your skin, remove dark patches and even helps with acne away.

Fresh strawberries with cream

To make the mask, you pick the fruit in a blender and blend well for a few strawberry puree need to do. If your skin is dry, the fresh cream would be a wonderful remedy. Two tablespoons of fresh cream with strawberries and mix it again. Now take a spoon into the mixture and apply it on your face and neck along. Hold for 10 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. If you have acne, the prone skin of the face mask would be ideal.

Strawberries and yogurt

Face pack that combines yogurt and berries for those who sacrifice their skin is considered surprising. Since yogurt is an excellent natural ingredient that lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and other vitamins, as well as the level of it to wash away dead skin with wrinkles and fine lines, is effective, even along. You can paste in thick yogurt and two tablespoons of strawberries.

Strawberries with chocolate face mask

Today, chocolate is not only to satisfy your taste buds, but it's on your face and skin acts as a mechanism to create beauty. To make a face pack of chocolate and strawberries, strawberries in a small container and 2 need to take a teaspoon of cocoa. Now you can mash berries and cocoa powder mixed with a spoon or a mashing tool that you can use. After mixing the two components together so that you can get a thick paste. Now, it's time to apply the mask. You just hold it for 20 minutes and wash with warm water needed to look after it. Otherwise, you pack on your face just to apply to some of Luke warm water spray before removing the mask. Soon you realize this is the wet bag. Now slowly for 2 minutes in a circular motion with your hands and massage your skin, wash it with water.

Rose with strawberries

Now you can pack a great combination of fruits with roses. For this, you need to get a handful of rose petals and two strawberries. Take a grinder and grind them inappropriately. You can get from there to a smooth pulp. Apply this mask on your face and even your neck to hold. This should be 20 minutes. Once a child is the natural juice of it is consumed. Then you can wash it with luke warm water.

Apple with strawberry

Fresh apple and fresh strawberries fantastic for your skin. For this mask, you should take half the apple and strawberry 2-3. Add a teaspoon of honey in it. If you need a juicer to make it, and what decorations. Apply this on your face evenly, so that not a single place is missed out. But in the eyes as well as the need to uncover the lips. Leave for some time and wash off.

Gram with strawberries

Chickpea flour along with the strawberries you can make a collective effort. The combination of wet and dry will work efficiently to make your skin look attractive. Take two spoons of chickpea powder and 2 to medium-sized strawberries. They took a grinder and did not add water. Since strawberries are already moisture content, it's easy to be a great form. A thick pulp, which may need to applied to the face and neck. Put 20 minutes and then remove it.