Three Unique Theme Parks

By | November 7, 2016

Theme parks are the ideal location for holidaymakers looking for an adventure holiday that will keep them busy, ensure that they have fun and will team them something along the way.

There are so many different types of theme parks spread out across the globe, each one home to their own unique rides and attractions, and offering visitors the chance to escape normality and delve into the lives of superheroes or explore their favourite movie.

However, if you are looking for an unusual and unique theme park that is something different and is not what you would consider the norm when it comes to theme parks, we have put together a list of three unique theme parks that you can find in three different corners of the globe:

Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI – Dubai, UAE

Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI is the very first theme park in the world that is solely dedicated to all things Bollywood.

Bringing action, adventure, emotion, music and dance, flavour and romance – Bollywood style – to the city, this incredibly colourful and lively theme park celebrates Mumbai’s legendary film industry with five exciting zones, each home to a number of attractions, rides, live shows and performances.

Each of these amazing zones allow visitors to live, learn and experience the world of Mumbai’s well-known film industry, educating those who want to learn, offering opportunities to meet and greet some famous Bollywood film stars and producers, and eat traditional foods.

Diggerland – United Kingdom

If you or your children have a love or fascination with machinery, Diggerland in the United Kingdom – of which there are four – might be the ideal unique theme park for you to explore.

Suitable for a fun day out with the entire family, Diggerland is a theme park that accommodates visitors of all ages and offers a number of activities and rides – based on and around diggers, of course – that have brought a new lease of life to a number of industrial sites.

The whole concept of Diggerland is simple and unique, and is much more than just construction machinery spread out on a plot of land. Instead, each of the four parks include up to 20 different rides and drives, with more being added every year!

Dollywood – Tennessee, USA

As the name suggests, Dollywood is a theme park owned by Dolly Parton that is home to over 40 attractions, 15 amazing show, a number of seasonal festivals, award-winning entertainment and delicious dining options.

As you can imagine, Dollywood is just as glamorous and adventurous as Dolly herself, meaning there is lots of fun to be had at this unique theme park.

Some of the rides include the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster, Lightening Rod, and an interactive museum, Chasing Rainbows, where a number of Dolly’s countless awards, elaborate costumes and priceless artefacts can be seen by her biggest fans.

For those on the hunt for a unique adventure that should not be missed out on, these three fabulously weird, wacky and unique theme parks can be enjoyed by the whole family on any day of the week, so make sure to book your next vacation to one of these destinations!