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Tips for Reducing the Cost for Constructing Your Home

Vaibhav Rai

December 04, 2018 10:31 AM

Constructing the home is simple, but reducing the cost of construction is difficult. You should aware about how to construct your building by reducing the cost. Unawareness may leads to loss of money and time. Some of the factors for reducing the cost is discussed below.

1. Contact any builders to get the details for the estimation of cost required. Also inquire the details for quality, size, shape and other features you want.

2. You can also contact any person who newly constructed a building and take advice from him.

3. Avoid using large number of windows in the home and also minimize the size of window.

4. High roofs may also increase the cost of house. So opt for a simple roof system.

5. Also consider the size, style, shape and quality of homes which suits your budget.

6. More angles and corners in the home may leads to increase in cost. This may also consume more time which results in high labor cost. So you can make dome shaped homes which is costless compared to other shapes.

7. Almost 10% of total cost of construction should gone for flooring work. But we can reduce this cost by selecting right kind of flooring material according to the budget of every person.

8. Also proper planning can reduce the cost of overruns up to 10% of total cost.

9. Try to construct your home early as possible with planning, because cost of building a home increases around 3% to 6% per year.

10. Don't opt for change in design at the last minute of construction.

Reducing the cost of Finishing Work:

The second phase of construction of building is finishing work. The finishing work marks the beauty of the house. Wiring, Plumbing, Flooring and Painting are the works done during the second phase. The last phase of construction includes making cupboards, walls, gates and fixing septic tanks. Normally 30 to 40% of total cost of construction is gone for finishing work. So in order to reduce the cost of construction, we want to consider several factors. The factors include Wiring, plumbing, flooring and painting which can reduce the cost of finishing up to 10% of total cost.

Safety is the factor we want to consider for wiring.You also should be well aware about, where to fix the electrical equipments. Then with the help of an electrical consultant, lay out of wiring can be done. After that you can take the connection of electricity. Also plumbing should be done with the advice of a professional plumber. Otherwise there is an increased chance of broke down of pipes in future.

Flooring comprises 30 to 40% of total budget of building. There are several choices available for reducing the cost of flooring. We can use oxide to wood for flooring. Flooring should be done according to the financial condition of each person. Oxides can be used for an ordinary person, while tiles for an above ordinary person and granites or woods for highly financial people. Then the painting cost can be reduced by selecting right kind of paints for exterior and interior parts of house. Also labour cost can be reduced by giving contract work rather than appointing labours.