Types Of Leased Lines

By | September 18, 2017

As per the experts, the internet leased line is recognized as private telecommunication line.

It has both symmetric and bidirectional face. This is a kind of fixed bandwidth, which is required for connecting two locations all together.

The first location is present at corporate office and second one is available at different corporate office.

Thus, it diminishes the distance and both the offices work in sync. You do not require any kind of telephone number for the communication.

The types of leased lines depend on:

  1. Site-to-Site data connectivity

Also known as point-to-point leased line, it shows high speed and reliable connection in between two dedicated points.

This data connectivity is perfect for multiple premises used by the same parent company. Thus, it is required for sharing different kinds of information in two offices.

  1. Site-to-network connectivity

Site-to-network connectivity is widely required for connecting two dedicated points. It is ideal for connecting a business along with the network. The best thing is that it ensures that the employees are able to upload and download the work in high speed. This kind of connectivity offers easy collaboration and communication.

Different kinds of Leased Lines

The consumers have lots of options to select. Have a look.

  • DSL Leased Lines

DSL is famous for providing different types of low-bandwidth leased lines. These lines are generally asymmetric and contended. Hence, these are ideal for withstanding higher upload speed as compared to the standard ADSL. It is considered that DSL speed gets dropped further if it is operating from the local telephone exchange.

  • Fiber Leased Lines

The leased lines are available in the symmetric data connection. This can be done by distributing light over fiber optic cables. Most of the leased lines make use of fiber for proper functioning. In case you have to choose the leased lines, then go for the fiber one because of their highest speed.

  • MPLS Leased Lines

In the recent time, MPLS Leased Lines are becoming the most popular one. The name stands for Multi- Protocol Label Switching. It is designed with the technology, which is meant for getting data using A to B by wrapping up the data. They are intended for sticking different kinds of labels.

Advantages of using Leased Lines

  • Offer high speed of internet connection

The leased lines are considered as the reliable and safe way of connecting with other offices in the most convenient way. Hence, this feature is ideal for increasing the productivity and risen up the profit.

  • No sharing of bandwidth

It is the best way of preventing the bandwidth from getting shared. The whole connectivity is secured.

  • Offer uncompromised quality

Not to worry about the speed, the performance of leased lines is unmatchable.

  • Provide the option of unlimited data usage

Leased lines offer the package having number of choices required for unlimited data usage. This is the best way to enjoy the unlimited data.

Going for the leased lines is an ideal option for taking a right decision for your business and take it to the sky.