Ultimate Guide for Human Resource Department

By | October 25, 2017

Businesses are not limited to the borders of the country. Now anyone can enter the global market with the help of the simple website. The advancement in the logistics technology has helped the environment to grow.

The growing multinational companies are demanding the improvement in the Human management system. The role of the human resource manager now becomes more challenging. The traditional way of handling people will not work in the new era of globalization. It is essential for HR to upgrade its skill to level up the requirement of the businesses.

The human resource department is the only department where an employee of the company is making decisions about the welfare of another employee. They have the rights to decide what is best for them. This department should be highly active and close to the employee. The person who is leading the HR department must understand the business vision and mission. He is the middleman who takes the decision on the behalf of the owner and fulfills both sides of the requirement. The HR department head must have the best decision making power.

Here are some of the key elements that HR should learn.

1) Understanding Nature of Business: Once the person is hired as HR of the company, the first few days should be used to understand the business of the company, Get as much as data from your seniors and see what is front of the curtain and behind of the curtain. Both the side is equally important to take right decisions.

If the company is multinational then you should have one interview session with your owner of the company or CEO to understand the culture and vision of the company. The company should spread similar culture in all other offices.

When you have all the information in hand. Now its time to implement things one by one in the organization. Create the culture of sharing in the organization. Open your doors where people can reach and inform about any change or problems to you. HR should be closely connected to the employee to see what is happening at ground level. By just sitting in the cabin, you will not reach the cause of the problem. You need to find the cause and solve the problem at grass root level.

2) Implement proper structure: The organizational structure is very important to add discipline to the company. Otherwise, people take everything for granted and you will see a loss in the production. The structure should be informed to each team member periodically. The KRA, Team members list, information about seniors, the complete hierarchy should be sent to each employee. Each and everyone should know to whom to meet when the certain problem occurs. All employee should be accessible to everyone.

3) Developing decision taking power: The owner of the company loves to work with the HR manager who understands the vision of the company and takes the decision like a boss of the company.

Your decision making power should be aligned to the company’s goal. When employee query arises, your job is to first analyze the problem and find the solution which is suitable for the employee as well as the company. Both the party should be happy with the decision.

It will take time to develop the decision making power, especially if you are fresher in the field. The best way to learn this is observing the owner or the CEO. You can learn how they find the solution to the problem.

In addition, you can read about it online. There are several books and blogs available on HR’s training. See how others are making decisions in a certain situation and learn from their experience.

4) Keep eye on the company’s growth: Some HR’s may feel this is not the part of your job and I completely agree with this. But the way industry is growing, the HR’s effectiveness now completely depends on the growth of the organization. Many organization already started giving training to their HR department to manage and understand the complete business structure. They know that if they create self-sustaining HR department who are capable of taking an organizational decision then their business will run on the automated operation. By keeping eye on the business growth you can increase the decision making power. You will focus on hiring the best employee who are suitable for the job.  Remember only money will never grow the business, you need good brains to pull your business up.

5) Fun element: The organization must have balance in the business and fun life. HR department should find small and big events that will take people closer and engage them to work with the team. It is important to have a fun element in the organization to have some change in the day to day life. People spend half of their life working in the company, so it is important to have their life looks comfortable as well as filled with the excitement and fun. You can create gathering function, play games, arrange health-related seminars, allow users to create something for their team, ask them to participate in some activities that they like. Also, you can find external activities related to their skill for e.g. singing, dancing etc.

In conclusion:  the Business structure completely depends on the motivation of your employee. If the employees are happy then you see rapid growth in the organization. The company who don’t focus on the employee growth will never succeed in the market. Your employee is going to decide your growth.