Wallpaper Trends In Present Days

By | December 29, 2017

Aesthetics is appreciation of beauty and art is the creation of long-lasting artefacts of enthralling beauty. Decorative arts, in particular, have a huge popularity as they are useful, beautiful, and enrich the surroundings. Wall papers have a special place in decorative arts, despite their ephemeral nature and delicate material. Wall papers have been around since the 18th century, and their popularity has also shifted from the upper classes to the common public in the 19th century. In modern times, Machine and digital printing have become ubiquitous, and designer wall papers adorn homes and offices across the world. Fashionable wall papers convey a sense of taste, class, and luxury, and the colourful ones appeal to all sections of the society – be they children, youth, or adults.

Modern homes and offices are often designed by interior decorators, and they focus on wall furnishings to enrich the atmosphere of a room.  A combination of trendy wall papers and ambient lighting can transform the interior space into an aesthetic wonder. The choice of wall paper plays a very important role in decoration, as the colour, style, and pattern of wall paper have to match the interior spaces. In addition, Various other factors such as type, durability, print and paint quality have to be taken into careful consideration while making a retail purchase. Have a look at some of the more trendy and reliable wall paper designs that have stormed the market place in present days-

  • Geometry

Random and bold geometric designs reflect an individual’s taste, and the wall papers convey boldness and innovative personal style. You can try simple and clean patterns that ensure a minimalist interior look, or you can opt for the more textured designs for the foyer and bathroom.  A single contemporary colour, on the other hand, ensures sophistication and adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom. A wide range of geometric wall papers with striking colours are available in the market. You can choose the ultra modern block design or opt for a mesmerizing pattern of triangles and semi-circles.

  • Digital Art

The tech savvy generation can contrast their hi-tech lifestyles by opting for classic, art deco, bohemian, or neutral designer wall papers. Another alternative is to make the home or office an extension of their personality, and infuse hi-tech themes into the interior decor. Digital art wall papers have a cutting edge print quality , and they can successfully bring together science, technology, and aesthetic coolness. The lively choices include social media, LED,  PC Prints, Windows Art,  Digital collages, Magical Morphs, and 3D photo wall papers. The trendiest digital wall papers have dazzling appearance and brilliant vibrancy. Moreover, They offer unlimited choices in colour palettes, pattern sizes, and wall-to-wall murals.

  • Flower Power

Minimalist or elaborate floral patterns have always had a huge following, and they almost never go out of fashion.  The floral wall coverings are a decorator’s delight due to the wide range of choices in texture, colour, and intricate patterns. The modern trend is to stamp your individuality in the form of cutting edge materials, innovative patterns, and contemporary styles for bedrooms and living rooms.  Floral wall papers with blossoms, lilacs,  or roses, and impressive green or blue colours are a perfect choice for your baby’s room or nursery.  Floral coverings also add a touch of maternal softness and bring the soothing feminine feel to the kid’s room.

  • Whimsy

Children admire fantasy and colours, and their rooms have to display whimsical creatures and stylized toys.  Lively colours brighten the room’s atmosphere, while balloons, stars, dragon sky, boats, birds, and puzzles give it an amazing look. The perfect room for a teenager or child has to be playful, and cartoon characters, sports toys, or wild life can take the boy or girl into a dreamy and fanciful world. Geometric shapes, pencils, pens, books, abacus, etc., also enhance the child’s space in a positive way.

  • Art

Nothing conveys taste like art and artefacts, and a wall paper is the best example of art imitating life. Contemporary modern art reflects the current trends, and the artistic wall paper also has to symbolize innovative materials and motifs.  Classic colours and vibrant patterns are stylized and transformed into experimental wall papers with the novelty factor. Go for large scale print, sophisticated hues, and the trendiest textures to convey your personal aesthetic with aplomb. Intricacy, fascination, structure, and motivation are the hallmarks of modern wall papers, as they elevate the interior spaces to a new level of splendour and grace.

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