Warning signs that you should consider pre-matrimonial enquiry

By | January 27, 2017

Marriage is the biggest decision of a person’s life. It’s the most look forward event for anybody & the one decision that changes or decides the future course of life. Getting married and being in a relationship are two different aspects. You could marry a person who you think you know very well, but after marriage things may turn out not as you expected them to be. Pre-matrimonial investigation plays a big role in helping you decide whether you are taking the right step.

Warning signs to look for:

In olden days, arrange marriages were a trend. Your parents knew the bride or groom, their family and would take an informed decision. Come to the 21st century, things have taken a different turn. Marriages are no more fixed by our parents after a lot of background check. Love marriages are not wrong per say, but they do carry an element of doubt. It’s not just love marriage that can break, even arrange marriages can break, after all the background checks and all.

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