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What Are the Best Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Follow This Winter?

Vaibhav Rai

September 08, 2018 11:19 PM

Winter is coming and you know it’s not good either for you or your carpet. In case you catch cold you take medications. But how do you protect your carpet?

Cleaning your carpet will be much harder in the colder months, as you have to do it often. In the colder months, people prefer staying inside their home, curling up on their carpet before a fireplace. It is something everyone will do. At the end of the day, you see your carpet is damp, salt-stained and someone has spilled hot cocoa. It’s not something you would wish checking out day and night.

Even if you spend every good hour of your day cleaning your carpet, you’ll be only doing more damage. Eventually, you will replace your carpet with a new one and this cycle will continue.

Instead of fixing things later, the best way to clean carpet at your home is taking few precautionary measures. Follow these simple carpet cleaning tips and you’ll not only have reduced work but you can keep your carpet clean for a longer time.

  • Have an Entrance Mat

You carry snow, ice, and other debris every time you step inside the house. If you walk around the house wearing the same shoes, you’ll not just make your floor dirty, but even your carpet will be spoiled.

Winter floor mats are a must. Place a good quality mat at the entrance of your house. You will be able to reduce the amount of soil, snow, and ice that will enter into your place along with you.

Invest in floor mats that work for your convenience. The texture of the mat should make it easier to scrap the mud or snow off the boots. In case, your mat appears dirty you don’t have to worry much, because it’s much easier than cleaning your carpet.


  • Frequent Vacuuming is a Must

Even the best carpet cleaners will suggest you this. Whether it’s a wet season or fall season, vacuum cleaning should be done consistently throughout the year.

Even though vacuum cleaning appears to be a normal process, you will remove on the surface salt and dirt particles. A little snow and ice are sufficient to make your carpet a dirt magnet.

Cleaning often, you will prevent the dirt particles from ingraining into the carpet fiber.

  • Use Clean Socks Inside your Home

Everybody enjoys playing in the snow. You wouldn’t just fix some particular hour to do that. But whenever anyone steps out of the house, they should enter without shoes.

This is something you have to look into. Coming back with dirty shoes is easy, but the work you have to do after that is difficult. Implement a no-shoe policy. Everyone should ditch their boots or shoes. Make a rule that everyone should wear clean socks before he or she walks over your carpet.

  • Tackle the Salt & Dirty Slush Stains

When winter is here, you just don’t deal with the snow, but also tons and tons of road salt. You just saw that your driveway is completely covered from Ice. Now how do you clear that? You’ll do what you have been doing all these years. Use road salt and melt the snow and ice covering your driveway.

The earlier year you didn’t have a carpet, but now you have to be a little more careful while doing this work. The wet snow and gritty road salt can prove bad for your carpet.

The salt stain is not like a regular stain especially when it’s mixed with the snow. It can be more than a spot that you normally come across. Once the road salt dries, it appears like a big lump. Leave it for some time and it will damage your carpet fibers.

In case you find rock salt stain on your carpet, just go with the spot treatment process. It’s a little bit of work, but you’ll get through the stain. Just use hot water and vinegar solution for your carpet cleaning task. In case the stain persists, you can call in the best professional carpet cleaners in your area and clean your carpet.

  • Plan your Pet Activities

It’s not just your boots that will carry soil, snow, and salt from outside. You have to keep a good eye on your pet friends with muddy wet paws. Even they’ll love the snow as much as you do. It’s obvious they may sneak out once in a while and bring back things that will give you more work.

You have to make sure they are staying away from your carpet especially after a walk in the snow. Put an extra thick microfiber mat outside the pet door. The microfibers will absorb water and dirt. You can even dry their paws so they don’t leave any print on the floor surface or your carpet.   

Taking all these precautions, your carpet cleaning process should not be giving you any complication.