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What is the Importance of Photography to Makeup Artists?

Vaibhav Rai

October 04, 2018 01:59 PM

Photography is a very unique and interesting kind of art. Apart from other forms, it is matchless, and it offers a different kind of amusement and happiness.

Photography is very useful. A lot of people are professionally into it. Others find it as a worthwhile and creative hobby to expand their skills and art, and some are really not into it. You don’t actually have to be SOMEONE to be able to take good photos. You can be anyone. Surprisingly, you can be a makeup artist too.

Most makeup artists care a lot about taking photos and putting makeup on people for photoshoots. On the other side of the coin, photographers also work hand in hand with makeup artists in order to achieve the best photos.

Here, let’s focus on makeup artists and the importance of photography in their careers. If you’re a makeup artist or an aspiring one, this is a good read for you. What is the importance of photography to makeup artists?

1 - It introduces you.

Photos of makeup you do for your clients or for random people you know must be included in your portfolio. It’s like your resume as you apply for a job. It contains your experiences, expertise and potential too. The photos in your portfolio will show potential employers who you are and who you can be in the industry.

2 - It showcases what you can do.

Photos let people know your abilities as a makeup artist. Those who are looking for a makeup artist will have a stress-free search if they immediately see that your work is the kind of work they want to have.

3 - It zooms into details.

With high quality photos, surely, every detail you make on your model’s makeup will be shown. Little details are very important because they make up the big ones. Photos emphasize your attention to details and the value you give to fineness and neatness.  

4 - It makes your client happy.  
Taking photos of your clients wearing your finished makeup look excites clients although some of them might be camera shy. Well-taken photos with great conditions and elements draw attention to the beauty of your client and your work. If you take photos of your clients after sprucing their face up, they will feel like they’re a precious work of art.

5 - It saves what fades away.

Makeup melts away after a certain period of time -- depending on the type or the ingredients and quality of your makeup product. After hours, your blush on might fade away after a hot day outside or after some physical activities. What makeup does for you in this term is that it saves that fresh look you’ll never see the second time.

Aside from those photos being added to your career portfolio, they can serve as your personal collection or remembrance to yourself if you just want to look back to some of your achievements. They can be an evidence of your gradual and healthy progress, or they can simply be something that makes you happy just by looking at them. Makeup, when applied, vanishes after some time, and photos enable you to get a shot of it, without it dying away.  


Being a makeup artist isn’t just that. It also involves other kinds of art, and one of them is photography.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis, Australia's leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everybody. Taking care of the skin and keeping oneself hygienic, beautiful and healthy are some of the many topics she writes about. She also does research and shares her thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”