Why Steering Wheel Shakes at Low & High Speeds?

Vaibhav Rai

September 13, 2018 09:12 AM

For sure, you do expect your car to drive smooth especially when you're on a good road. It's perfectly normal when you experienced steering wheel vibrations at one point or another. There're many components used on the on-road vehicles that need to be replaced at some point. So it's not uncommon at all for certain part to break or even fail after being used a lot. Admit this! The steering wheel is your direct connection to the car and indirectly connected to the road.

In that case, it's imperative to keep it in order. But when it unusually starts to feel shaking, there's something wrong with the steering wheel or maybe other components of your car. Therefore, experts have identified a few reasons due to which the steering wheel shakes at low or high speeds. So let's dive in;

Car Tires : 

As we all know, the steering wheel is supposed to direct the wheels. So it's pretty normal if the tire problem stumbles upon and disturbs the wheel's move. And you know what! Out-of-balance tires are one of the major reasons. You may not even notice any shaking while driving slowly, but it'll be more noticeable when you drive faster. In that case, you are supposed to perform a regular check inspection of your tires for flat spots as it might result in uneven tire wear.

If it's the larger tires that you're running, make sure they are all properly inflated as the deflated ones will send shakes through the steering wheel. Last but not the least, perform a regular check for tire wear as well. In case you notice that one side is worn out, rotate the tires. If your car tire has gone bald, then you may even buy SUV tyre.

Wheel Areas

If your tires are completely alright and still you're experiencing this steering wheel shaking problem, there's something wrong with your wheels probably. For obvious reasons, wheels happen to be the centerpiece of all the tires after all. So check the wheel bearing first. There's a myth that wheel bearings last the entire lifetime but as mention, it's just a myth. Reality is quite converse. In fact, they do wear sometimes and get damaged too. The best solution to the fix this problem is to replace them.

In case there's some problem with the tie rod ends or maybe even ball joints, they can easily be diagnosed. Some people only happen to experience shaking when cornering but not when driving straight. If that's the case with you, get the tie rod ends fixed or replaced depending upon the damage. When it comes to ball joints produce, they produce the opposite results when goes faulty. Unlike the tie rod end problem, they will produce shaking while driving straight, but not while cornering. So take your vehicle to the professional and let them look after this.


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