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An Introduction To The PGDM Course In Banking And Financial Services And Careers Thereafter

PGDM in Banking and Financial Services has been one of the most sought after management programs in the recent years. The popularity of the PGDM BFS program can be on account of the rapid developments that have taken place in Indian banking and financial services sectors. To keep up with the economic advancements that the country is making, the banking and financial sectors will constantly require young and talented individuals who understand the language of finance and accounts. If a career in these sectors excites you, a PGDM program in Banking and Financial Services can provide a good start.

What the course entails?

On the surface, a PGDM course in banking and finance introduces you to all the aspects of business management including marketing management, international business, human resource management, etc. However, when you dig deep, you realize that the whole education under this program develops in you the kind of traits and skills that will tremendously help you thrive in India’s banking and financial services. You begin to understand the balance sheets, the entries, the profit and losses, cost accounting, risk management, and how the banking and finance markets in India operate.

Should you take up this program if you do not come from a commerce background?

Of course, you should. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have the resources to pay the PGDM course fees in India, having or not having a background in commerce should not put a limit on what you can do or what you cannot do. The best PGDM colleges for banking and financial services offer their students ‘bridge courses’ that are designed to empower the students who do not have a commerce background. In these easy to understand courses, a student can get all the knowledge that a commerce graduate will have. And this way, all students will begin their academic session with almost equal level of knowledge.

Careers post completion of a PGDM Banking and Finance course

During the program, a top PGDM college for BFS in Delhi will offer you plenty of opportunities to understand the banking and finance industry and work in it as an intern. Post completion of the program, you will most likely be picked by banking and finance sector giants including Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, EY, Bajaj FinServ, etc. Your focus should be to get the opportunity to work with a brand known for wonderful work culture rather than to go after fat salary packages and incentives.

How to improve your chances to getting selected in the campus placements?

Be good in your studies. Perform really well in your exams. Work on your communication skills. Your communication alone can make or break your chances, both in the campus placements and in your professional life thereafter. Work on your personality. Take up short term programs or courses that can help strengthen your resume. Coursera, Udemy, and Edx are some of the most trusted online platforms for short term, quality, courses. It is also a good idea to practice commonly asked interview questions and answers before you actually sit down for the campus placements. Practising in front of a mirror is a time-tested idea to get confident while answering interview questions in front of the recruiters.

Last, but not the least, it is important that you choose from only the best PGDM colleges for banking and financial services for your higher studies in banking & fiancé. If you’re contemplating an idea to pursue a PGDM in banking and financial services, the college has to be recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The quality of the faculty in the finance department also needs to be looked into. After all, your teachers and the way they teach you will have a massive impact on how well you perform in your studies and career thereafter.

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