Different ways of making your hair longer in a short time

If your hair is extremely short and you suddenly want to have beautiful and long hair, it means that this article has been written especially for you. You may learn about hair extensions methods that are available for everyone at reasonable prices. Furthermore, there will also be provided some information about the online shop where you can buy the professional tape in extensions and other products that will make your hair much longer.

  1. The most popular ways of hair extensions
  2. Where you may get the best hair extensions?

The most popular ways of hair extensions

These days the customers have a lot of choices when it comes to making their hair longer. However, it is worth considering two popular methods: tape in hair extensions and human hair wigs that will be described down below.

The tape in hair extensions is one of the innovative methods on the market nowadays. It is easy to apply by the professional hairdresser and the whole process lasts less than sixty minutes. The stunning effect is also long lasting even up to eight weeks. Moreover, it is also worth telling a few words about available hair color of the tape in extensions that will amaze every buyer. Some of them are the following: jet black, black treacle, rich praline, champagne blonde and many more. The last thing worth mentioning when it comes to this method of hair extension is the reasonable price of the products. The price starts from thirty pounds for one set so it is very affordable for every buyer. The second popular method is called human hair wig. It is as popular as tape-in extensions but it is much easier to apply even by an amateur. It means that you do not need to visit the specialists and use any special tools. What is more, the wig can be removed very quickly – if you want to change the colour in the evening, you do not have to have it in the morning. Another advantage of a hair wig is the various and gorgeous colours to choose. You can order Cindy, Georgia dark brown or Nelly rainbow if you prefer colourful wigs. The price of human wigs is also very pleasant for the customers – the prices start from about one hundred pounds.

Where you may get the best hair extensions?

There are many shops that offer high quality products but it is worth visiting the online store to get the greatest choices and prices. One of the stores that are highly recommended by many experts is called Viola Hair Extensions. They sell hair wigs, clip in and tape in extensions.

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