Toroidal Inductors

Toroidal Inductors : Types, Purpose, and Applications

A Toroid inductor is basically an insulated coil that is widely used in electric circuits. It’s a ring-shaped wire made from different materials like powdered iron or ferrite.

Toroid inductors are mainly required because of their large inductances. They can also carry more current than solenoids despite having a similar core material and the same size.

Below, we’ll discuss the types of Toroidal Inductors, their purpose, and a lot more.


Types of Toroidal Inductors

Now, Toroidal Inductors can be categorized in several different ways. They’re often categorized according to their performances- like DC Resistance and Nominal Inductance.

But there are other categories as well. These are also often classified by current rating, packaging type, tolerance, and case size or dimensions.

The Nominal inductance of most Toroidal Inductors ranges from 25 to 100 µH. Also, usual DC resistance sizes can range from 5-55 mO and 550 mO. Considering all the factors, we have made a shortlist of all the different kinds of such inductors:

  • High Temp Toroidal Inductor
  • SMD Power Inductor
  • Vertical Toroidal Inductor
  • SMD High Current Inductor
  • Low Loss Toroidal Inductor
  • Coupled Inductor
  • Current Sensing Inductor
  • Standard Toroidal Inductor
  • Redial Line Filter


The Primary Purpose of Toroidal Inductors

There’s a solid reason behind using Toroidal Inductors in a lot of different industries. It’s because they generate much higher inductance due to having a strong magnetic field in their closed-loop core.

The Toroidal coils also emit a minimal amount of EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference). Its strong magnetic field almost fully occupies the core; hence, it’s an essential tool.

The reason why Toroidal coils gained widespread attention all around the globe is simply that they’re much more efficient and safer. Also, the international standards in industries have become stricter, thereby making the usage of Toroidal Inductors a must.


Applications for Toroidal Inductors

Toroidal Inductors have widespread use in many sectors of work. It’s mostly used in telecommunications, musical instruments, medical devices, refrigeration equipment, industrial controls, electronic brakes, air conditioner equipment, amplifier, and even in the aerospace and nuclear fields!

But that’s not all because this tool is also used in noise filtering devices, power amplifiers, and different power supplies. So, as you can see, Toroidal Inductors are one of the busiest tools in the world!


How to Choose the Right Toroidal Inductor

There are a few certain pointers when it comes to choosing the right kind of Toroidal Inductor. They’re mainly rated based on their current rating, nominal inductance, and tolerance. Then, there’s the shape, as it must fit well with the design!

When it comes to Toroidal Inductors, we personally believe that round cross-section inductors give you much better performance than other rectangular cross-section inductors.



The very reason many companies are after Toroidal Inductors is that they’re efficient. With these inductors, very small amount of energy is required – which makes them a perfect fit for electrical component manufacturers.

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