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Important resume writing tips for immigrants

At the very outset in all probability, you may think what is so special about writing a resume. After all, you must have written and mailed a lot of resumes and bagged jobs based on them.

Resume writing for immigrants usually is a little different as compared to the one you have been using in the home country. Your resume should match the standards of that country where you are applying for the job.

As a thumb rule, in the matter of resume writing for immigrants, try to submit your resume in the language as the job description is posted. If your resume is in English, try to get it translated in the respective language.

There are numerous styles of writing a resume, and all of them are correct. In general, a resume is a document that precisely tells about you. There is a common notion that the resume should reflect your academics and work experience.

Apart from these details, your resume should also highlight your interests and soft skills. However, here are some significant points that must reflect in resume writing for immigrants.

Things you must include in a resume:

  1. Always give your full name and not initials.
  2. You must provide email, the phone number that would help employers to connect with you. However, the address is optional.
  3. Work experience and a short description of your accomplishments in each job
  4. Your post-secondary education, unless the high school is your highest level of education

Mention about soft skills:

There is a different school of thought. However, in today’s era, an employer would like to know you, and that includes beyond academics or work experience. Often an employer is interested to know what are your interests or soft skills.

For example, the job you are applying has nothing to do with anchoring or broadcasting, but you are good at it. Most likely, you will bag the designation as your interest will outshine the average. The employer may explore avenues to utilize your skills.

Similarly, a sportsperson or someone having a keen interest in arts, performing arts, etc. would always have the edge over the rest.

Those having a good leadership quality would always be preferred to lead a team or become a mentor.

Keep resume within two-pages:

The thumb rule for resume writing for immigrants is to keep the document crisp. A comprehensive resume, preferably within two-pages, is always ideal as the employer would not get out of his or her wits to go through pages. However, there are certain countries where lengthy resumes, are welcomed as they carry details.

Those applicants who do not have years of experience or are students should keep their resumes confined within one-page. Do not drag facts or exaggerate them to make the resume look detailed.

Things that you must avoid:     

1. Do not put ‘resume’ heading.

This is a common practice all generally follow, but when you are in a foreign land, try to keep away from such things. Still and all, there are endless styles to write a resume.

When typing your resume, avoid putting a big heading called ‘resume at the top.’ Your ‘name’ should be the only thing at the top of your resume.

However, you may put your name in a slightly larger font than the rest of your resume text. This gives the resume a neat and clean look.

2.     Do not divulge personal details.

In most countries across the world, discrimination based on gender, background, or other personal factors is considered illegal. Avoid anything irrelevant with the job description in resume writing for immigrants.

Try to keep your resume crisp and comprehensive. Ignore if any company insists on such information.

  • Your age or place of birth.
  • Marital or relationship status
  • Your religious or political affiliation
  • Your country of birth or your immigration status
  • Information about children
  • Never divulge personal identifications. i.e., driver’s license number, social insurance number, etc.

3. Avoid using photo:                               

Using a photograph in your resume in various countries is regarded as unprofessional. Use a photograph only when it is required, or your application relates to the performance-based job. Although it has nothing to do with how you look, still the photograph may allow them to judge you even before meeting you. However, it may depend upon which place you are in and the requirement of the job.

There are many small aspects that you would require to consider while writing the resume. Different countries have different preferences not only in terms of style but also in the format. The resume is an essential document for anybody who is searching for a job.

Numerous companies and authorized Immigration Consultants provide professional resume writing for immigrants. These online service providers are excellent and aware of your requirements. Not only are they equipped with professional know-how about resume writing, but they would give you tips that would enhance your resume.

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