The Brief History of Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is a multipurpose knife that once was used only for military purposes and after a while has made its way to being used for hunting/fishing or just to carry around for safety. Before picking out a tactical knife randomly choose whether a foldable or fixed blade will be the best for you depending on if the knife is going to be used at work or for activities outdoors.

Before choosing a high quality tactical knife to make sure the knife is made from durable stainless steel created in the USA, Germany, Japan, or Sweden not created in China. If not made from good stainless steel material the knife will not be very useful and last a short time. When buying an item such as a knife the customer would rather have a knife that is a little more expensive and last longer. A first responder uses a tactical folder with a rounded point known as a rescue folder or fixed blade.

What are the differences between the tactical knife and regular knife?

Tactical knife

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made of stainless steel and can be folded or fixed blades
  • Used for survival tools when in the wilderness.
  • Usually, contain a specialized blade that is not found on regular knives.
  • Usually, have a serrated blade or tanto shape edge used to perform many different tasks.

Regular Knife

  • Does not contain the ability to fit in people’s working environment
  • Used in day to day life usually located in the kitchen drawers.
  • Used for cutting items in the kitchen such as vegetables, fruit, or meat.
  • Regular knives include the serrated knife, the steak knife, and the butter knife.

Tactical and Regular Knife

  • Has similar designs as knives
  • Both contain serrated style blades

History of Tactical Knife

The tactical knife was originally used for the military and had many features to survive dangerous situations. The tactical knife was used as a tool used to do good and not used as a weapon to destroy. The tactical was rarely used for fighting rather have features that helped civilians and military personnel. The tactical knife has been privately purchased as a general purpose utility knife and not used for combat or hunting knife. When the 1990s came the tactical knives have become expensive and were no longer cheap. Not only were the prices rising there had also been new designs showed at the gun and knives show. There was a high demand for the tactical knives in response the companies had a solution of mass-produced tactical folding knives. Even though many people were in favor of the tactical knives there were some critics of the way the tactical knife was designed. 

Many of these critics said the design is not a good choice of knives for individual combat. The knives that should be used a purpose-built fixed blade combat knife or fighting knife. Where the tactical knife is used for utility purposes. The folding knife usually means that the blade would have to be retrieved and moving the blade into a position which is an unsuitable maneuver of a knife during a fight. Whereas if you had a fixed blade knife you would just have to pull the knife out and be ready to fight not wasting time to set up. Although you could use a folding knife to fight many students of knife fighting notify people that the locking mechanism used to lock the blade into place on the folding knife can fail and lead to serious Injuries. A folding knife regardless of lock strength or the power put on the lock to keep the lock in place can never be depended on as much as you depend on a fixed-blade combat knife.

Most tactical folding knives are too short to be used in a knife fight and even though Lynn Thompson the martial artist created, sells, and carries a tactful folder, it is not a knife people would use when fighting against someone. Even though people may have thought a tactical knife would be a good fighting knife that turns out to be wrong because the knife would be too short and would not be able to protect you when trying to fight off enemies. Next time when you are at a sporting store and picking up a knife weigh out the options and figure out what the best material and thickness would be on what you are going to be using the knife for. If hunting a person would want a sharp fixed blade knife. Whereas a person just caring a foldable knife would use the knife on a day to day basis and for protection on their daily routine.

Tactical knives are not just knives that can be used for one purpose instead tactical knives can be used for many different reasons although how the knife is designed is what tells the user on what they can use the knife for. Tactical knives are used all around the world and have changed designs and shapes since the first tactical knife has been created. The tactical knife was originally used as a survival knife and has to this day been used and has started to be used as a fighting knife. When choosing a knife even if it just a simple tactical knife does not choose the cheapest knife because of the price because cheaper knives are more likely to cause injuries. Whereas if you bought a little more expensive knife than you would be safer and be less likely to get an injury.

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