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Texas Buyer’s Guide: Cost-Effective Solutions for Metal Garages

Are you looking to buy a garage in Texas but at the lowest price possible without compromising its quality? Have you tried steel garage kits? Yes, you are right. In the searing heat of Texas, it is cruel to leave your car outside on the street or driveway. A shade is crucial to protect it from elements and prolong its lifespan.

Now, you may think that garages generally tend to cost a lot, and you also have to keep up with monthly maintenance. In that case, we have compiled some tips and details on metal building prices in Texas. Let’s go through each of them.

A Pocket Guide on What Affects Metal Garage Prices in Texas – 

Location –

Your location where you want to install the metal structure will determine the shipping cost, labor charges, and delivery time. For instance, installing steel structures in rural Texas can make labor costs cheaper than in any city.

Building Code – 

The local building code and guidelines vary with rural, county, and city in Texas. Some areas may have more relaxed rules when it comes to design, while others may not. For instance, if your site has extreme weather conditions, you might be asked to opt for 12 gauge steel instead of the industry standard 14 gauge. This will further add to the total price.

Permit Fee –

In general, installing a garage requires a permit from the local authority. In this permission, you need to include – your details, new construction project blueprint along with existing buildings, size & type of building. Then, you have to pay a fee and set up an inspection for your garage.

Although the fee varies with the type of project, here is an outline:

Permit Fee Estimate Cost
Metal garage  : $550 to $2000
Electrical : $40 to $500
Plumbing : $30 to $500
Deck : $50 to $600

Note that these are estimated fees. The actual will vary with the location of your installation site.

Size –

Metal building prices in Texas range between $5,000 to more than $100,000 depending on several factors, such as

  • Its use (residential or commercial)
  • Its complexity (simple design or a lot of add-ons)
  • Its physical location (construction cost in rural areas will be less than in the city)
  • A larger steel structure will cost less per sq. ft. than a small one.

Even though costs vary vastly with size, a finished metal garage prices in Texas will be around $18 to $30 per sq. ft.

Complexity – 

Complex metal garage prices in Texas can be $40 per sq. ft. or more. These additional things can be insulated metal panels (IMPs), internal mezzanine floors, sub-sections, or extra windows & doors.

Additional Amenity –

This could be a gutter, downspout, overhanging trim, side deck, patio area, lean-tos, or other structural items that could be added. In addition, you have to consider the additional cost of electricity and plumbing. You may have to purchase faucets, wires, lighting, and cooling systems like fans or vents when buying steel garage kits.

Metal Building Prices in Texas –

Type Of Building Size

(width in ft. x length in ft. x height in ft.)

Estimate Price
Side entry garage 20 x 30 x 10 $9,155
Utility garage 20 x 36 x 10 $11,530
Metal garage with lean-to 30 x 55 x 12 $24,620
Lean-to metal garage 50 x 60 x 12 $50,010
Commercial metal building 60 x 65 x 16 $120,360
Note: These prices are estimates. The actual price will vary with city or county and customization.

In general, you can expect to pay $6 to $25 per sq. ft. for a metal garage. The price can go higher for more complex designs. You can get steel garages for any type of vehicle, not just for your cars. Steel garage kits are excellent and cost-effective solutions for long-term benefit. 

Advantages Of Steel Garage Kits

Fast Assembly –

One of the best things about metal garages is they are designed, cut, and drilled in the factory. So, at the installation site, they just need assembly. Therefore, it reduces the total time and labor required at the site. You can assemble either by yourself or hire a professional construction team.

Since you need less manpower, labor charges are low & you get your structure ready within a few weeks.

Affordable PEMBs – 

In general, the construction of any building costs almost half of the total budget. But with pre-engineered metal buildings, you get reduced construction time and cost and fewer future expenses for upkeep. That altogether makes metal structures more affordable than resin sheds or wooden garages.

Saving – 

Steel is a non-combustible material. Therefore, it does not catch fire easily. That means you can store gas containers or paints inside your insulated steel garage. Steel is an inorganic substance. This implies you don’t have to worry about termite colonies living in your metal panels or frames rent-free.

In addition, steel is non-porous and does not absorb moisture or expand when subjected to heat. So, you don’t have to deal with frequent replacements or repairs, nor do you need to stain or paint every year. Hence, it saves a lot of money in the long run.

DIY Project –

Metal structures are easy to install. You just have to follow instructions, which generally come with steel garage kits. It will take almost a week to install a simple one-car garage. It can be your dream kit if you are a DIY enthusiast looking for a new project.

A self-constructed garage on your property will surely leave a lasting impression on your pals. If you are wondering where you can get steel garage kits from, don’t worry. Here is the checklist you can follow:

  • Research online and offline about various metal dealers who are selling kits.
  • Read reviews and feedback from previous customers to know about quality & services.
  • Choose certified metal dealers with industry experience.
  • Don’t forget to ask about what is included in the package. Some dealers also offer shipping, installation, and/or foundation services.
  • Check in with your city or county guidelines to know about any design restrictions. These are generally meant for safety purposes.

In case you don’t have any prior construction experience, prefer hiring a work crew. Metal buildings require precision in installation.

In Light of These Facts

It is evident that your car or beloved RV can be safe from damaging sun rays to extreme weather when you choose a certified metal garage. Protecting their vehicle is important for Texans so they can take a trip to the nearest beaches to escape summer humidity.

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